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Build Real-Time Streaming Analytics and Event-Driven Architecture with Amazon MSK Delivery Partners

By Sam Anand, Sr. PDS, Analytics – AWS
By Joanne Moore, Launch Product Manager – AWS

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is excited to announce the Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) Delivery specialization to help customers find validated AWS Partners with proven success delivering migrations and building solutions on Amazon MSK.

Amazon MSK is a fully managed service that makes it easy to build and run applications that use Apache Kafka to process streaming data. Amazon MSK provisions your servers, configures your Apache Kafka clusters, replaces servers when they fail, orchestrates server patches and upgrades, architects clusters for high availability, ensures data is durably stored and secured, sets up monitoring and alarms, and runs scaling to support load changes.

With a managed service, you can spend your time developing and running event streaming applications. With Amazon MSK Serverless, getting started with Apache Kafka is even easier. It automatically provisions and scales compute and storage resources and offers throughput-based pricing, so you can use Apache Kafka on demand and pay only for the data you stream and retain. Use cases include:

  • Ingest and process log and event streams.
  • Run centralized state or data buses.
  • Power event-driven systems.

Customers migrating to Amazon MSK from Apache Kafka implementations that are either on-premises, on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), or with other managed service provider realize cost savings with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Amazon MSK Delivery Partners are proficient in expeditiously implementing Amazon MSK integrations with other AWS services to improve the scope and specificity of real-time analytics.

Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Service Delivery Program is designed to validate AWS Partners that have technical expertise and proven customer success in delivering specific AWS services. With Amazon MSK Delivery, customers can browse and engage with partners to help with their migrations and solution implementations.

Amazon MSK Delivery Partners receive go-to-market (GTM) benefits that specifically help target Kafka migration and real-time analytics use cases. This includes use case-oriented, prescriptive, and packaged end-to-end benefits to help partners participate in data streaming related market opportunities; get trained on positioning, implementing, and migration methodologies; build GTM assets and migration content; and develop demand generation programs in partnership with AWS specialist teams to drive a strong GTM motion.

In addition, Amazon MSK Delivery Partners have access to ongoing technical enablement through the Deeper Learning Series. This benefit provides early access to the Amazon MSK product roadmap release details and schedules to influence what you should invest in as an Amazon MSK Delivery Partner.

We invite you to explore the Amazon MSK Delivery Partners recommended by AWS:



Leveraging industry-leading best practices and extensive experience with Amazon MSK implementation, Deloitte helps clients modernize their streaming data applications. Deloitte has teamed with AWS on Amazon MSK service to build sophisticated data streaming solutions.


HCLTech Amazon MSK is a cost-effective, fully managed, agile, secure, and high-performing real-time streaming data service. Customers can capture and analyze real-time data from IoT devices, track and monitor vehicles or shipments, monitor patients in medical facilities, and financial transactions.

Customers can also seamlessly build and run applications using HCLTech Amazon MSK to process streaming and event data; populate data lakes, stream changes to and from databases, and power machine learning and analytics applications using Amazon Apache Kafka APIs; and create, provision, and run Apache Kafka clusters. HCLTech Amazon MSK continuously monitors cluster health and automatically replaces unhealthy nodes with no downtime.


As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, Impetus Technologies leverages Amazon MSK to help enterprises ingest and process streaming data in real-time with fully managed Apache Kafka.


Infosys helps enterprises migrate and modernize workloads using AWS data streaming and messaging services, including application design, architecture, and implementation. Infosys supports migration from on-premises streaming and messaging systems, including modernization and cloud-native development.


Get access to best-in-class cloud management services with LTIMindtree-AWS Managed Services, including automation, optimization, governance, and security. LTIMindtree’s AWS-certified experts have experience supporting enterprises with significant events, advanced security management, and deployment of heavy systems.


Mactores’ demonstrated expertise in migrating from legacy Kafka deployments to Amazon MSK helps customers rapidly migrate to Amazon MSK, including:

  • Integrating Amazon MSK with MLOps for real-time machine learning.
  • Integrating Amazon MSK with Prometheus and Pager Duty.
  • Integrating with Amazon MSK to enable observability for DataOps.
  • Rapid migration to Amazon MSK.

The Mactores offering assesses and builds strategies to migrate to Amazon Managed Services Kafka (MSK), ensuring enhanced agility, scalability, and security, accelerating MSK migration with automation, and reducing your risk by developing a strategy based on experience.

Ness Digital Engineering

Ness helps customers obtain access to data in real-time to help drive business-critical decisions. Ness collaborates with Amazon MSK to help businesses realize the benefits of a secure, fully managed, highly available Apache Kafka service hosted on AWS.


Leverage fully managed service for Apache Kafka with minimum human support to build and run applications that process real-time streaming data.


As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Reply helps customers develop and adopt holistic big data architecture. Operating across various industries and business functions, their deep expertise of Amazon MSK helps drive reliability and cost savings.

Customers: Learn About Amazon MSK Delivery Partners

Amazon MSK Delivery Partners make it easy for customers to migrate and build data streaming solutions on Amazon MSK, addressing real-time analytics use cases and helping them realize the cost benefits faster.

We invite you to learn more about Amazon MSK Delivery Partners.

Partners: Looking to Validate Your Amazon MSK Offering?

AWS Partners with Amazon MSK experience can learn more about becoming an Amazon MSK Delivery Partner.

To validate your Amazon MSK offering, apply for the AWS Service Delivery Program. Amazon MSK Delivery Partners receive exclusive go-to-market (GTM) benefits in addition to AWS Service Delivery Program benefits.

Review the Program Guide and access the application in AWS Partner Central.