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Introducing AWS Business Builder – Build, Market, and Deliver Software Solutions on AWS

The following is a guest post from AWS Partner Marketing. 

Are you a software company looking to build your business on AWS?

AWS provides a broad portfolio of go-to-market resources to help software companies of all sizes connect with customers and grow their businesses. The new AWS Business Builder program is designed to simplify the process for you and help you understand what go-to-market resources are available, determine which resources best suit your business needs, and provide information on how you can get started.

AWS Business Builder organizes the available AWS go-to-market resources into the categories of build, market and deliver in order to clearly outline the resources available at each phase of your solution development journey. Below, we walk you through the different categories, and how to get started.

Build: Leverage the AWS Partner Network (APN) to build a global software business

Many of the tools and resources offered through AWS Business Builder are benefits offered through the APN. The APN is the global partner program for AWS focused on helping partners build a successful AWS-based business. Whether you’re in the emerging stages of building a solution on AWS, or are a more established APN Technology Partner seeking to deepen your relationship with AWS, the AWS Partner Network can help enable you to build your business globally. You can leverage tools and resources such as: AWS Quick Start reference deployments, which help you rapidly deploy fully functional software on the AWS cloud, following AWS best practices; the AWS SaaS Partner Program, which provides you with support as you build, launch, and grow SaaS solutions on AWS; and Innovation Sandbox Usage Credits for qualified APN Partners, to cover the AWS usage costs when you’re developing new software and solution offerings on AWS.

If you’re not already an APN Partner, click here to learn how to join.

Market: Expand reach and generate qualified leads

AWS Business Builder includes a variety of programs and resources to you to expand your reach and generate leads. For example, AWS offers programs for you to generate demand with AWS customers at AWS Events and through digital promotion on the AWS website and in the APN Partner Directory. In addition, if you’re a Standard tier or higher APN Partner, APN Marketing Central provides you with tools and resources to market your solutions on AWS through co-branded solution-based campaigns and access to marketing agency services. And through the AWS Competency Program, your firm can differentiate itself to customers by showcasing expertise and proven customer success in a particular solution area.

Deliver: Accelerate customer time to value

AWS Business Builder also provides resources that enable you to deliver your solution on AWS. AWS Marketplace is a low-friction sales channel where more than 1 million active AWS customers can discover, subscribe, deploy, and manage application solutions. If you’re an APN Technology Partner, you can use Free Trials for Proof of Concepts and GTM Programs to promote your software products on Marketplace. In addition, as a qualifying APN Partner, AWS enables you to easily run free-trial campaigns by providing AWS credits to cover the cost of the underlying AWS usage required to run the free trials. And AWS may provide you with Proof of Concept (POC) usage credits and/or professional services funding to facilitate new strategic or enterprise customer projects utilizing your AWS-based solution.

Want to Explore AWS Business Builder?

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