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Introducing AWS SaaS Factory to Help ISVs Accelerate SaaS Adoption

By Tod Golding, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS
By Kathryn Gaffney, Partner Program Manager at AWS

AWS SaaS Factory-2019We are excited to introduce AWS SaaS Factory, a program to help accelerate and guide the adoption of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS SaaS Factory offers a comprehensive set of business and technical best practices, as well as engagement opportunities that empower and support independent software vendors (ISVs) building SaaS offerings on AWS.

The program includes reference architectures, blog posts, AWS Quick Starts, learning modules, bootcamps, and interactive activities such as webinars and workshops that provide prescriptive guidance on building and operating SaaS solutions on AWS. These resources also highlight offerings from AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners that address many of the common functional and operational elements of SaaS environments.

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How Can AWS SaaS Factory Help ISVs?

AWS SaaS Factory focuses on helping customers and APN Partners at all stages of the SaaS on AWS journey, including the adoption of a SaaS delivery model, migration, and optimization.

The appeal of a SaaS delivery model has many ISVs actively making the transition to multi-tenant architecture. The agility of SaaS enables ISVs to release new features at a more rapid pace, allowing them to respond to competitive market pressures. A SaaS delivery model also provides ISVs with a more efficient approach to addressing frictionless onboarding of new customers while still optimizing the cost of their overall infrastructure footprint.

As more organizations migrate to a SaaS delivery model, AWS SaaS Factory offers prescriptive guidance, enablement content, and reference materials to empower ISVs in their SaaS on AWS journey. The program addresses the needs of APN Partners building greenfield SaaS products, moving existing solutions to AWS, or targeting new market segments. It also drills down on the needs of APN Partners that are refactoring existing single-tenant solutions.

The AWS SaaS Factory team provides optimization guidance to existing SaaS providers that are looking to refine the architecture, cost, or operational efficiency of their products.

Am I a Good Fit for AWS SaaS Factory?

The move to a SaaS model often requires organizations to rethink many of the fundamental aspects of how they build, deploy, and operate their products. Pricing models, marketing strategies, sales compensation structure, and operations are among the areas impacted when organizations adopt a SaaS delivery model. Essentially, AWS SaaS Factory aims to empower customers and APN Partners that are looking for guidance with technical, business, or operational aspects of their current or future SaaS solutions.

We address these topics through a combination of workshops and web-based content that covers a full spectrum of SaaS technical and business best practices. The goal is to provide strategies and patterns that help ISVs who are at different points in their journey to a SaaS model. This includes the creation new SaaS offerings, migration from a single-tenant product, or optimization of an existing SaaS solution.

APN Partners may be eligible for additional opportunities through AWS SaaS Factory, and have access to a broader set of content and collateral through APN Partner Central.

How Do I Engage with AWS SaaS Factory?

We encourage any APN Partner on their SaaS on AWS journey to engage with AWS SaaS Factory. No application is necessary. We have a number of resources available, including APN Blog posts, whitepapers, and AWS Quick Starts that target common SaaS topics such as tenant isolation, data partitioning, management and monitoring, identity, migration strategies, webinars, and more.

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We are also excited to share the first of three learning modules from our AWS SaaS Factory Architecture Track e-learning curriculum. We’ll be launching more modules within this track, as well as business-focused learning modules in the months to come.

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About AWS SaaS Factory

AWS SaaS Factory helps organizations at any stage of the SaaS journey. Whether looking to build new products, migrate existing applications, or optimize SaaS solutions on AWS, we can help. Visit the AWS SaaS Factory Insights Hub to discover more technical and business content and best practices.

SaaS builders are encouraged to reach out to their account representative to inquire about engagement models and to work with the AWS SaaS Factory team.

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