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Building a Real World Evidence Platform on AWS

Deriving insights from large datasets is central to nearly every industry, and life sciences is no exception. To combat the rising cost of bringing drugs to market, pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to optimize their drug development processes. They are turning to big data analytics to better quantify the effect that their drug compounds […]

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Interactive Analysis of Genomic Datasets Using Amazon Athena

Aaron Friedman is a Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services The genomics industry is in the midst of a data explosion. Due to the rapid drop in the cost to sequence genomes, genomics is now central to many medical advances. When your genome is sequenced and analyzed, raw sequencing files are […]

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Optimizing Amazon S3 for High Concurrency in Distributed Workloads

Aaron Friedman is a Healthcare and Life Sciences Solution Architect with Amazon Web Services The healthcare and life sciences landscape is being transformed rapidly by big data. By intersecting petabytes of genomic data with clinical information, AWS customers and partners are already changing healthcare as we know it. One of the most important things in […]

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