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Roller cages solution

How PostNL processes billions of IoT events with Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink

This post is co-written with Çağrı Çakır and Özge Kavalcı from PostNL. PostNL is the designated universal postal service provider for the Netherlands and has three main business units offering postal delivery, parcel delivery, and logistics solutions for ecommerce and cross-border solutions. With 5,800 retail points, 11,000 mailboxes, and over 900 automated parcel lockers, the […]

Architecture Diagram for Krones Production Line Monitoring

Krones real-time production line monitoring with Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink

Krones provides breweries, beverage bottlers, and food producers all over the world with individual machines and complete production lines. This post shows how Krones built a streaming solution to monitor their lines, based on Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink. These fully managed services reduce the complexity of building streaming applications with Apache Flink. Managed Service for Apache Flink manages the underlying Apache Flink components that provide durable application state, metrics, logs, and more, and Kinesis enables you to cost-effectively process streaming data at any scale.

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink now supports Apache Flink version 1.18

Apache Flink is an open source distributed processing engine, offering powerful programming interfaces for both stream and batch processing, with first-class support for stateful processing and event time semantics. Apache Flink supports multiple programming languages, Java, Python, Scala, SQL, and multiple APIs with different level of abstraction, which can be used interchangeably in the same […]

Optimize checkpointing in your Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink applications with buffer debloating and unaligned checkpoints – Part 2

February 2024: This post was reviewed and updated for accuracy. This post is a continuation of a two-part series. In the first part, we delved into Apache Flink‘s internal mechanisms for checkpointing, in-flight data buffering, and handling backpressure. We covered these concepts in order to understand how buffer debloating and unaligned checkpoints allow us to […]

Optimize checkpointing in your Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink applications with buffer debloating and unaligned checkpoints – Part 1

This post is the first of a two-part series regarding checkpointing mechanisms and in-flight data buffering. In this first part, we explain some of the fundamental Apache Flink internals and cover the buffer debloating feature. In the second part, we focus on unaligned checkpoints. Apache Flink is an open-source distributed engine for stateful processing over […]

Build a data lake with Apache Flink on Amazon EMR

To build a data-driven business, it is important to democratize enterprise data assets in a data catalog. With a unified data catalog, you can quickly search datasets and figure out data schema, data format, and location. The AWS Glue Data Catalog provides a uniform repository where disparate systems can store and find metadata to keep […]

Build a Real-time Stream Processing Pipeline with Apache Flink on AWS

NOTE: As of November 2018, you can run Apache Flink programs with Amazon Kinesis Analytics for Java Applications in a fully managed environment. You can find further details in a new blog post on the AWS Big Data Blog and in this Github repository. ————————– September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details. […]