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Ingesting content to power real-time recommendations and search with Amazon Connect Wisdom

Contact center agents often encounter questions from customers that require them to reference knowledge documents such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), wikis, product manuals, and how-to guides. Many contact centers use knowledge management systems and document repositories that are siloed and not well-integrated with the applications that contact center agents use when interacting with customers. […]

Machine learning-based voice authentication with Amazon Connect Voice ID

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces the general availability of Amazon Connect Voice ID, a Machine Learning (ML) powered voice authentication feature for Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies of any size deliver superior customer service at lower cost. Amazon Connect Voice ID offers both real-time caller […]

Monitor and trigger alerts using Amazon CloudWatch for Amazon Connect

In the medical field, cardiologists rely on heart monitoring devices to capture patient baselines and trends that enable them to predict and treat heart disease and defects. Similarly, in the contact center field, the ability to monitor and detect anomalies is essential in maintaining a healthy contact center environment. With Amazon Connect and Amazon CloudWatch […]

Enable chat in Salesforce Experience Cloud with Amazon Connect

Chat is becoming a preferred channel for customer interactions. Salesforce Experience Cloud (SEC) helps companies create websites, storefronts, and mobile apps. SEC can personalize customer engagement with pre-built templates. It offers self-service capabilities, and integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Adding Amazon Connect chat to SEC allows you to experience high-quality digital interactions. SEC […]

Analyzing Amazon Connect usage with agent desktop and streaming data

As customer engagement expectations become increasingly advanced, contact center managers find themselves in need of granular visibility of their contact center usage. For example, customers seek to understand usage patterns by agent, business division, caller intent, routing queue, or customer segment. Amazon Connect provides a real-time performance dashboard so that you can monitor the overall health of […]

How to set next status for an agent using Amazon Connect Streams API

In a busy contact center, agents can often be routed contacts back-to-back, making it difficult for agents to go offline or on a scheduled break. Amazon Connect now offers the ability for agents to set a next status while on a contact. An agent can pause new contacts from being routed to them while finishing […]

Manage agent softphone settings with a custom Contact Control Panel

With Amazon Connect, contact center agents can either use the Contact Control Panel (CCP) soft phone or send calls to a desk phone (a PSTN or mobile number) when answering calls. Sending a call to the desk phone is considered an outbound call from Amazon Connect and comes with additional cost.  If there are a […]

Easy medical lab appointment check-in and triage with Amazon Connect Tasks

There are many situations where the activities you are running on a daily basis require queuing and prioritization so that you can optimize time spent by your employees by tracking their tasks. For example, nearly half of the time of nurses at a medical laboratory is spent on follow-up tasks in external applications and these […]

Building a real time customer sentiment email notification system using Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Amazon EventBridge and Amazon Simple Notification System

Providing great customer service is a key business differentiator in today’s highly competitive world in which we live. Typically, businesses measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) with post call surveys and reviewing of call recordings, both of which have their own associated challenges. CSAT surveys typically suffer from low response rates, can be subject to bias and […]

Automate follow-up work with Amazon Connect Tasks and Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

At the end of an interaction with a customer, agents have to create follow-up work items with other teams in order to provide the best end to end customer experience. Some examples include customer requests to mail specific product or services brochures, mailing a physical copy of a maintenance contract the customer has agreed on […]