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Top 10 Amazon Connect blog posts of 2022

Over the course of 2022, we have seen organizations who use Amazon Connect, create innovative experiences on behalf of their customers. This includes leveraging machine learning capabilities and insightful analytics to identify trends and areas for improvement in customer service.

In this blog post, we wanted to recap some of the frequently deployed and tested use cases of last year and curate them for your quick reading.

Below, we provide some of the most popular Contact Center Blog posts of 2022…

Top 10 most popular blog posts of 2022

#1: Make predictive and progressive calls using Amazon Connect outbound campaigns

With Amazon Connect outbound campaigns (formerly known as Amazon Connect high-volume outbound communications) you can proactively communicate with calls, texts, and emails to serve your customers quickly, improve agent productivity, while maintaining compliance to local regulations. Read this blog post to learn more about outbound communications.

#2: Analyze Amazon Connect Contact Trace Record Blog Series

Amazon Connect captures contacts data, such as hold time, wait time, agent interaction time, etc. in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. The basis for most historical and real-time metrics in Amazon Connect is the data in which this is provided, and it’s all available within Amazon Connect. In this 5-part blog series blog, you will learn how to stream CTR data out of Amazon Connect and develop a data analytics solution leveraging Amazon QuickSight.

#3: Eyewitness to history: Watching as the cloud transforms customer experience

Today, customer experience (CX) is the fate of the business. In a more virtual world where customers and sellers interact less often in person, the contact center is the CX. In this blog post, experience a contact center leaders front-row seat – watching cloud-driven contact centers come of age. From months to minutes to minutes – and across the years.

#4: Getting started with ML-powered Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling

When customers need assistance, it is critical for contact centers to have the right agents available to provide a positive customer experience. In 2022, AWS launched Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling. A new set of ML-powered capabilities that make it easier for contact center managers to accurately predict customer service workloads, determine ideal staffing levels, and schedule agents accordingly, and ensure agents are performing their duties as scheduled. In this blog post, dive deeper into what’s available to you within Amazon Connect’s console experience.

#5: Automating Amazon QuickSight dashboard creation for analyzing Amazon Connect data

To get the most advanced analytics benefits, organizations need a robust platform and a cost-effective solution to run a thriving contact center. Discover how to automate the Amazon QuickSight dashboard visualization on the Amazon Connect data lake in this blog post.

#6: Use Amazon Connect data in real time with OpenSearch Service and Kibana

In this blog, discover how to monitor your contact center performance to improve a variety of service metrics, such as call times, service level, efficiency, agent performance, and customer satisfaction.


#7: Amazon Connect adds new capabilities to improve contact center productivity and customer experiences

In June of 2022, AWS launched Amazon Connect Cases and the Amazon Lex automated chatbot designer. Read this blog to discover what they are and how it impacts your customer experience.

#8: Caller Scheduled Callback in Amazon Connect

Contact center managers are always looking for ways to reduce the time callers spend in a queue waiting for available agents. Providing a callback option significantly improves the customer experience and optimizes the operational costs of your contact center. In this blog post, learn to build an architecture that allows customers to schedule a callback during specific hours of operation.

#9: Using Alexa devices to initiate customer service with Amazon Connect

“Alexa, can you call customer service for me?” Customers expect multiple channel options when contacting customer service departments. In this blog, learn how to use Amazon Connect and Alexa Skills Kit to enable Alexa users to perform self-service and to request to speak or chat with a contact center agent.

 #10: Build a multi-region resilient contact center with Amazon Connect global resiliency

Businesses and enterprises that offer customer service are often required to support their customers 24/7.  When support services aren’t available or they fall offline, businesses are at risk of customers getting disconnected, or worse, losing customer trust. In this blog, discover how Amazon Connect now provides Global Resiliencya set of API operations to programmatically provision Amazon Connect in two regions (a primary and secondary).

Welcoming, 2023!

2022 was jam-packed with new solutions, features, launches, and blog post. It is hard to imagine a better year without all of your help, so here’s to a big thank you to all our readers and authors for a fantastic 2022! In 2023, we’re welcoming many more blog posts, solutions, and authors so make sure to stay up to date.

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