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The most-viewed AWS Database Blog posts in 2018

The following 10 posts were the most viewed AWS Database Blog posts that we published during 2018. You can use this list as a guide to catch up on your Database Blog reading, or read a post again that you found particularly useful. Query your AWS database from your serverless application How the AWS Schema […]

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Another Database Migration Playbook goes live—migrate from Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora MySQL!

We’re excited to present the first edition of the Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora MySQL Compatibility Migration Playbook. AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) help you reduce the effort associated with migration from commercial engines to open-source and Amazon-managed databases. Thus, they help reduce cost and avoid […]

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How to use Amazon DynamoDB global tables to power multiregion architectures

More and more, AWS customers want to make their applications available to globally dispersed users by deploying their application in multiple AWS Regions. These global users expect fast application performance. In this post, I describe how to use Amazon DynamoDB to power the database of a global backend deployed in multiple AWS Regions. I use […]

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Intuit story: Automate migration from on-premises MySQL to Amazon Aurora

Databases are core to many of our applications at Intuit. The database team has been working out which architecture to standardize on and what run books and tools to build in order to migrate and then operate in the cloud. We realized that the fastest way to resolve our questions would be to take one of our existing on-premises applications and run it through an actual migration to Amazon Aurora.

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How to use the new Amazon DynamoDB key diagnostics library to visualize and understand your application’s traffic patterns

Update (December 14, 2020): The DynamoDB team recommends that you use Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights for Amazon DynamoDB, which is a diagnostic tool for understanding your traffic patterns and identifying frequently accessed keys. You can enable CloudWatch Contributor Insights for DynamoDB in the AWS Management Console, or in the AWS API or AWS CLI. Today, […]

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How to solve some common challenges faced while migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Companies are experiencing exponential data growth year-over-year. Scaling the databases and the hardware infrastructure to keep up is becoming more and more challenging. If your workloads just are not suitable for non-relational data stores, how do you overcome the scaling challenges without spending tons of money in managing the underlying infrastructure? Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Amazon […]

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