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Use AWS Lambda to adjust scaling steps and thresholds for Amazon AppStream 2.0

This blog post walks you through creating an event driven solution with AWS Lambda to change your AppStream 2.0 auto scaling policy based on time of day. With Amazon AppStream 2.0’s Fleet Auto Scaling capabilities you can adjust the size of your AppStream 2.0 fleet automatically to match user demand. However, with certain usage patterns, […]

How SoFi manages Amazon WorkSpaces at scale using AWS Systems Manager

This blog post walks through how SoFi, a financial technology company that provides a range of financial products and services, scale their growing business needs with AWS services. SoFi uses Amazon WorkSpaces to scale out their Desktop as a Service solution, and improve visibility and control of their environment with AWS Systems Manager. The SoFi […]

Neo Financial achieves Zero Trust goals and meets compliance requirements with Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Organizations handling personal financial data are expected to maintain extremely high levels of security and adhere to strict compliance requirements. Many IT organizations find it challenging to keep costs low while enabling remote workers with the tools required to do their jobs and supporting Zero Trust initiatives. Neo Financial, a Canadian financial technology firm and […]

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Elevate Consumer Directed Benefits (CDB) delivers secure browser access for remote staff using Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Organizations of all sizes need to provide remote and hybrid workers with the tools required to do their jobs, while also improving operational efficiency and lowering cost. While many end users require all-inclusive virtual desktop services like Amazon WorkSpaces, others simply need secure browser access to internal web sites and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. For example, […]

Secure demo environment at Global Valuation with Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon EC2

Prospective customers for AWS ISV partners expect a representative hands-on demo environment to evaluate the solution prior to a purchase. Yet, to give customers access to intellectual property without a contract in place poses a commercial risk to SaaS vendors. In this blog, we demonstrate how Global Valuation leverages Amazon AppStream 2.0, Amazon VPC, AWS […]

AWS End User Computing

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Creating remote work environments that optimize security and productivity with Capital One

Have you ever considered delivering your remote work environment through AWS? Did you know you that doing so will also optimize remote work security and productivity? Remote work comes with a number of challenges. Remote work delivered through AWS End User Computing (EUC) can improve the employee experience while addressing these challenges. At AWS re:Invent, […]

Agency Systems deploys fully managed DaaS technology to improve customer experience

For the past 30 years, Agency Systems has been providing insurance agencies of all sizes with reliable, full-featured insurance agency management software solutions for commercial and personal lines, retail agencies, brokers, and general agencies. Cloud Migration In 2014, Agency Systems began their journey to adopt and embrace cloud-based technologies. Cloud migration began with rebuilding their […]

Screening Eagle: Optimize CI/CD and end user experience in Amazon AppStream 2.0

Providing end users with a consistent user experience is important when working with compute intensive applications. Amazon AppStream 2.0 allows you to stream applications from AWS directly to any device. This provides a fluid and responsive experience to each user regardless of their end device’s capabilities. This eliminates the need of purchasing, managing, securing, monitoring, […]

Set up multi-factor authentication with OneLogin for Amazon WorkSpaces

In this blog, I walk you through configuring Amazon WorkSpaces multi-factor authentication (MFA) with OneLogin. Solution overview The steps to work through this blog are: Configure OneLogin RADIUS for use with Amazon WorkSpaces. Configure Active Directory Connector for MFA. Test logon. Prerequisites: This post assumes you have the following. A OneLogin account. OneLogin Active Directory […]

DataScientist or data analyst connects to a custom URL. URL takes them to identity provider, which challenges them with multi-factor authentication. Once authenticated, they assume a role in AWS which grants them access to AppStream 2.0. Once they connect to AppStream 2.0, they launch their streaming application. And finally, the application gives them access to tools that they use to access the data in the isolated environment.

How Amazon Uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to Provide Data Scientists and Analysts with Access to Sensitive Data

The Challenge On February 28th 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon announced that we had taken steps to protect the health of our employees and communities. This included canceling large events, moving stakeholder meetings online, and pausing tours of fulfillment centers. As of this post, Amazon has continued to invest more than $8 billion […]