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AWS re:Invent 2022 wrap up: Goldman Sachs takes data analysis, code deployment, and consumer applications to AWS

Large financial services companies like Goldman Sachs need to optimize for time and speed to remain competitive. At the same time, these institutions seek to harness insights from their enterprise data to serve consumers, merchants, and partners better. However, the highly regulated financial services industry values strong data protection and must follow strict regulations when […]

Capturing the power of digital commerce

How leading retailers are transforming the industry with advanced cloud-based technologies and services The rise of digital commerce Although digital commerce has been around for almost 3 decades, its growth has recently accelerated, boosted by access to new cloud technologies, better mobile apps, and a raft of new fulfillment options. Consumers are spending more time […]

2023: a turning point for ML in life sciences

To our many customers and partners who work in Life Sciences, welcome to 2023, a year that I expect to be the turning point in how data science and machine learning (ML) accelerate development of new life-saving therapies. (I’ll share 2023 thoughts on Healthcare in an upcoming post.) The first reason I’m so optimistic is […]

Limiting Subscriber Churn by leveraging real-time subscribers’ feedback – part 2 of 2

In the first blog post of this series we introduced a serverless approach for CSPs to capture and process subscribers’ performance in real time. We covered how, by leveraging AWS real-time analytics services, CSP can identify subscribers with a significant rate of service impairment. Incident events are stored on a Data Lake, whilst overtime performances […]

Limiting Subscriber Churn by leveraging real-time subscribers’ feedback – part 1 of 2

When resolving network and service incidents, communication service providers (CSPs) have low visibility on how network incidents are perceived by their subscribers. As a result, resolution of network incidents is not optimized towards upholding customer satisfaction, leading to reduced effectiveness in limiting churn and increased cost of first-line support. This blog series demonstrates a fully […]

Build a Member-360 Unified View Using Data Mesh with Amazon HealthLake

Build a Member-360 Unified View Using Data Mesh with Amazon HealthLake

Every healthcare organization is trying to solve the problem of structuring their data to create a unified 360-degree view of their patients or members. Doing this correctly allows you can make better patient support decisions, operate more efficiently, and identify population health trends. This is part one (of a two-part blog series) where we demonstrate […]

Easy Genomics Solution for Public Health Labs

Easy Genomics Solution for Public Health Labs

Having timely and complete access to genomic sequencing data and analytics helps public health agencies respond better to a disease. It allows them to know when a new variant increases in prevalence. When paired with clinical and epidemiologic data, it can answer key questions like: Which variants cause less severe illness? and Who is more […]

The value of a system of record for healthcare payors

The value of a system of record for healthcare payors

Leaders in the healthcare industry are increasingly recognizing how a data-driven approach can help them improve member satisfaction. Many of them have begun their transformative journey to adopt a member-first approach and unify disparate data silos. They recognize that the journey toward a unified system is strategic and will pay enormous dividends when completed. However, […]

Industry Innovators 2022: How Mars Wrigley leverages data and analytics to drive growth

The relevance race is real. It has everyone, from mid-size startups to large corporations, competing for a first-place prize in innovation. But for Mars Wrigley, the journey is often worth a lot more than the destination. This year, we invited Deepak Jose, global senior director of One Demand Data & Analytics at Mars Wrigley, to […]