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Automatic image cropping with Amazon Rekognition

Digital publishers are continuously looking for ways to streamline and automate their media workflows in order to generate and publish new content as rapidly as they can. Many publishers have a large library of stock images that they use for their articles. These images can be reused many times for different stories, especially when the […]

Automate and implement version control for Amazon Kendra FAQs

Amazon Kendra is an intelligent search service powered by machine learning (ML). Amazon Kendra reimagines enterprise search for your websites and applications so your employees and customers can easily find the content they’re looking for, even when it’s scattered across multiple locations and content repositories within your organization. Amazon Kendra FAQs allow users to upload […]


Boost your forecast accuracy with time series clustering

Time series are sequences of data points that occur in successive order over some period of time. We often analyze these data points to make better business decisions or gain competitive advantages. An example is Shimamura Music, who used Amazon Forecast to improve shortage rates and increase business efficiency. Another great example is Arneg, who […]

Generate a counterfactual analysis of corn response to nitrogen with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart solutions

In his book The Book of Why, Judea Pearl advocates for teaching cause and effect principles to machines in order to enhance their intelligence. The accomplishments of deep learning are essentially just a type of curve fitting, whereas causality could be used to uncover interactions between the systems of the world under various constraints without […]

Zero-shot prompting for the Flan-T5 foundation model in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

The size and complexity of large language models (LLMs) have exploded in the last few years. LLMs have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in learning the semantics of natural language and producing human-like responses. Many recent LLMs are fine-tuned with a powerful technique called instruction tuning, which helps the model perform new tasks or generate responses to […]

Build end-to-end document processing pipelines with Amazon Textract IDP CDK Constructs

Intelligent document processing (IDP) with AWS helps automate information extraction from documents of different types and formats, quickly and with high accuracy, without the need for machine learning (ML) skills. Faster information extraction with high accuracy can help you make quality business decisions on time, while reducing overall costs. For more information, refer to Intelligent […]

HAYAT HOLDING uses Amazon SageMaker to increase product quality and optimize manufacturing output, saving $300,000 annually

This is a guest post by Neslihan Erdogan, Global Industrial IT Manager at HAYAT HOLDING. With the ongoing digitization of the manufacturing processes and Industry 4.0, there is enormous potential to use machine learning (ML) for quality prediction. Process manufacturing is a production method that uses formulas or recipes to produce goods by combining ingredients […]

How the UNDP Independent Evaluation Office is using AWS AI/ML services to enhance the use of evaluation to support progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations (UN) was founded in 1945 by 51 original Member States committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, and promoting social progress, better living standards, and human rights. The UN is currently made up of 193 Member States and has evolved over the years to keep pace with […]

Enable predictive maintenance for line of business users with Amazon Lookout for Equipment

Predictive maintenance is a data-driven maintenance strategy for monitoring industrial assets in order to detect anomalies in equipment operations and health that could lead to equipment failures. Through proactive monitoring of an asset’s condition, maintenance personnel can be alerted before issues occur, thereby avoiding costly unplanned downtime, which in turn leads to an increase in […]

Enable fully homomorphic encryption with Amazon SageMaker endpoints for secure, real-time inferencing

This is joint post co-written by Leidos and AWS. Leidos is a FORTUNE 500 science and technology solutions leader working to address some of the world’s toughest challenges in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, civil, and healthcare markets. Leidos has partnered with AWS to develop an approach to privacy-preserving, confidential machine learning (ML) modeling where […]