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Customize your notebook volume size, up to 16 TB, with Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker now allows you to customize the notebook storage volume when you need to store larger amounts of data.

Allocating the right storage volume for your notebook instance is important while you develop machine learning models. You can use the storage volume to locally process a large dataset or to temporarily store other data to work with.

Every notebook instance you create with Amazon SageMaker comes with a default storage volume of 5 GB. You can choose any size between 5 GB and 16384 GB, in 1 GB increments.

When you create notebook instances using the Amazon SageMaker console, you can define the storage volume:

Here, you need to edit the volume size in GB depending on your needs:


Customize the storage volume for your notebook instances depending on your needs. You can refer to Amazon SageMaker documentation to learn more about how to create and use notebook instances.


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