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How Euler Hermes detects typo squatting with Amazon SageMaker

This is a guest post from Euler Hermes. In their own words, “For over 100 years, Euler Hermes, the world leader in credit insurance, has accompanied its clients to provide simpler and safer digital products, thus becoming a key catalyzer in the world’s commerce.” Euler Hermes manages more than 600,000 B2B transactions per month and […]

Building a visual search application with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon ES

September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to describe what you’re looking for. As the adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Often, it’s easier to show a physical example or image than to try to describe […]

Introducing the open-source Amazon SageMaker XGBoost algorithm container

XGBoost is a popular and efficient machine learning (ML) algorithm for regression and classification tasks on tabular datasets. It implements a technique known as gradient boosting on trees and performs remarkably well in ML competitions. Since its launch, Amazon SageMaker has supported XGBoost as a built-in managed algorithm. For more information, see Simplify machine learning […]

The tech behind the Bundesliga Match Facts xGoals: How machine learning is driving data-driven insights in soccer

It’s quite common to be watching a soccer match and, when seeing a player score a goal, surmise how difficult scoring that goal was. Your opinions may be further confirmed if you’re watching the match on television and hear the broadcaster exclaim how hard it was for that shot to find the back of the […]

Developing NER models with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth and Amazon Comprehend

Update October 2020: Amazon Comprehend now supports Amazon SageMaker GroundTruth to help label your datasets for Comprehend’s Custom Model training. For Custom EntityRecognizer, checkout Annotations documentation for more details. For Custom MultiClass and MultiLabel Classifier, checkout MultiClass and MultiLabel documentation for more details respectively. Named entity recognition (NER) involves sifting through text data to locate noun phrases […]

Generating compositions in the style of Bach using the AR-CNN algorithm in AWS DeepComposer

AWS DeepComposer gives you a creative way to get started with machine learning (ML) and generative AI techniques. AWS DeepComposer recently launched a new generative AI algorithm called autoregressive convolutional neural network (AR-CNN), which allows you to generate music in the style of Bach. In this blog post, we show a few examples of how […]

Discover the latest in voice technology at Alexa Live, a free virtual event for builders and business leaders

Are you interested in the latest advancements in voice and natural language processing (NLP) technology? Maybe you’re curious about how you can use these technologies to build with Alexa? We’re excited to share that Alexa Live—a free virtual developer education event hosted by the Alexa team—is back for its second year on July 22, 2020. […]

Building a speech-to-text notification system in different languages with AWS Transcribe and an IoT device

Have you ever wished that people visiting your home could leave you a message if you’re not there? What if that solution could support your native language? Here is a straightforward and cost-effective solution that you can build yourself, and you only pay for what you use. This post demonstrates how to build a notification […]

Building AI-powered forecasting automation with Amazon Forecast by applying MLOps

May 2023: Please refer to Automate the deployment of an Amazon Forecast time-series forecasting model blog post for latest practices on forecasting automation. This post demonstrates how to create a serverless Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) pipeline to develop and visualize a forecasting model built with Amazon Forecast. Because Machine Learning (ML) workloads need to scale, […]

Enhancing enterprise search with Amazon Kendra

Amazon Kendra is an easy-to-use enterprise search service that allows you to add search capabilities to your applications so end-users can easily find information stored in different data sources within your company. This could include invoices, business documents, technical manuals, sales reports, corporate glossaries, internal websites, and more. You can harvest this information from storage […]