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Automatic media ingest and quality control with Telestream and Ateliere on AWS

Automation in media workflows is increasingly important as more file-based media workloads move into the cloud. AWS collaborated with Telestream and Ateliere Creative Technologies to create an automatic media ingest and quality control (QC) demo, which was showcased at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in September, 2022. AWS participates each year at IBC to showcase the latest solutions to meet the needs of our customers’ most important media and entertainment workloads.

Event-driven architecture is an architectural pattern where various software components communicate to each other by publishing event messages that are consumed by other services or endpoints. This allows different solutions to act as independent microservice components in a workflow. Event-driven architecture allows each component of a workflow to work asynchronously and can achieve results faster with greater control of each component involved in a workflow.

Two partner solutions were showcased in the demo: Ateliere Connect and Telestream Cloud Qualify.

Ateliere connect is a cloud-native media supply chain solution that scales elastically to meet demand, making managing, storing, packaging, and delivering video content to over 100 of the most common over-the-top (OTT), broadcast, and cable endpoints simple and cost-effective. It reduces the redundancy of your library using native component-based workflows combined with interoperable master format (IMF) and Frame DNA to reduce storage costs. It also orchestrates workflows with fully customizable templates that help streamline operations and monetize your content faster.

Telestream Cloud Qualify is a quality control service that provides customizable checks. Qualify is for broadcasters, content creators, and distributors who need to meet industry requirements for media delivery. It is Ideal for media QC checks of inbound content from creators or outbound content delivery to streamers or broadcasters that require strict compliance.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage built to retrieve any amount of data from anywhere, and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), a fully managed Pub/Sub service for A2A and A2P messaging, were used for this demo. AWS Lambda, a serverless, event-driven compute service that lets you run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers, was also used.

Architecture diagram of the automatic media ingest & quality control demo showing the Amazon S3, Amazon SNS, AWS Lambda workflow

In the previous architecture diagram, the workflow starts through the Amazon S3 bucket that stores media files. AWS powers the Ateliere Connect platform: when a media file is uploaded through Ateliere, it is stored in Amazon S3. The file upload event triggers the ingest-and-qualify process. When the file upload event happens, the event passes through the Amazon SNS queue, which initiates two functions: file processing on Ateliere, and the AWS Lambda function that interacts with Telestream Cloud Qualify service. These two media solutions work asynchronously and independently. While the file is processed in Ateliere, the AWS Lambda function initiates and starts the QC job with Telestream Cloud’s API. As the QC job finishes in Telestream, the job finish notification is sent to another Amazon SNS topic and the generated QC report is stored into the same Amazon S3 bucket. This QC report is ingested automatically through Ateliere, available for operations team to review.

By using AWS event-driven architecture and APIs, you can use multiple platforms and services to automate QC in your media ingest pipelines. By implementing AWS Step Functions, a visual workflow service that helps developers use AWS services, Amazon EventBridge, a serverless event bus, with additional AWS Lambda functions, this demo can be expanded to connect to more services and solutions to further automate media ingest pipelines. For example, you can automatically tag and assign titles to the QC media files and the generated report.

Architecture diagram of the further implementation example by using AWS Step Functions and Amazon EventBridge

This demo represents an example of how easily and effectively media companies can integrate media supply chain workflows using decoupled, simple, and scalable architectures in the cloud. Attend this AWS Online Tech Talks session to learn more about How to Use Amazon EventBridge to Build Decoupled, Event-Driven Architectures.

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Raul Vecchione

Raul Vecchione

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Eric Lim

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