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Case study: Cloudinary customers see 30% performance boost using CloudFront Functions

Cloudinary provides a complete media management solution for developers and marketers to optimize the delivery of media assets used on websites and apps. An AWS user since its inception in 2012, Cloudinary is also an AWS Partner. While Cloudinary’s customers were already achieving optimized performance through fast content delivery network service Amazon CloudFront, adding serverless edge scripting environment CloudFront Functions took its implementation to new heights.

Read this case study to learn how Cloudinary customers using Amazon CloudFront receive a 30 percent performance improvement, which translates into up to 40 percent cost savings, as well as improved search engine optimization rankings, conversion rates, and customer experience. The company also uses Lambda@Edge, an Amazon CloudFront feature based on AWS Lambda that allows organizations to run code closer to applications to improve performance and reduce latency for customer integrations.

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Lisa Epstein

Lisa Epstein

Lisa Epstein is a Senior Industry Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services.