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Watch now: HPA Tech Retreat 2021 insights and innovations

The HPA Tech Retreat is the pre-eminent gathering for individuals and companies engaged in the creation, management, and dissemination of content, bringing together a world-class roster of well-known and emerging leaders in engineering, technology, creativity, and business to discuss the most compelling topics facing the media and entertainment landscape today.

The following videos share insights and innovations from “Found Lederhosen“, a thought leadership project at the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Tech Retreat 2021, led by Joachim Zell (JZ). The included cinematic shorts from London, Dubai, Brisbane and Mexico City as well as a Virtual Production shoot in Hollywood, an animation sequence out of Mongolia, and thematic video game. The project was intended to innovate and test filmmaking and creative processes in the face of the pandemic. AWS supported three distinct capture to cloud workflows, four different VFX pipelines, three localization workflows, production edit and sound, two different packaging platforms (IMF/DCP), and three different VOD presentation platforms, and a game development environment. AWS worked with partners, creatives, subject matter experts, and other technology companies to build and innovate content production workflows using AWS. Samples of the creative projects and the AWS Production Videos can be seen on the Accedo platform until April 16th.

HPA 2021: A Creative’s View of Working in the Cloud
In this interview, Sandra De Silva, the cinematographer and producer for the cinematic short, “La Inquilina” (“The Tenant”), speaks about her experience using cloud tools for the first time, and what they mean for the future of content production. The solution she speaks to includes Teradek, 5th Kind, Ownzones, SDI Media, Arch Platform Technologies, Foundry, Blackmagic Design, Sohonet, GrayMeta, IMT/Soda, Bitmovin, Castlabs, Dolby, and Accedo.

HPA 2021: Collaborating Globally on a VFX Pipeline
This video gives an overview of the workflow and VFX pipeline used for the Mexico City portion of “La Inquilina” (“The Tenant”). Mark Stephens, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, discusses the tools used and how the cloud enabled this project. He also discusses the geographic diversity of the team and how they were able to collaborate. This solution included Arch PlatformTechnologies, Blackmagic Resolve Studio, 5th Kind Core, Foundry Nuke, and AWS Thinkbox Deadline.

HPA 2021: Putting the Pieces Together in the Cloud
This video presents the workflow and tools used to create the short film “La Inquilina”. It offers a view of what tools were used and how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. This solution included Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Studio, 5th Kind CORE, and AWS.

HPA 2021: Globalizing Content for Local Markets
This video shares the localization efforts that supported the Mexico City, Mongolia, and Dubai media aspects of this year’s Found Lederhosen Project at the HPA Tech Retreat 2021. Localization, or “globalization“ – adapting a product or content to a specific location or market – is an area that is undergoing innovation with the emergence of cloud and machine learning technologies. Listen to SDI Media, Haymillian, and AWS discuss the project and the workflow’s capacity for innovation.

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