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[Updated 1/4] re:Invent Week 1: Watch Media & Entertainment sessions on-demand

The following is a small sample of the sessions that happened during week 1 of re:Invent 2020 we think M&E Attendees will appreciate; we also have recaps of week 2 and week 3. Click the links provided under the session details to watch on-demand. To see what’s coming in the next weeks and get more details on re:Invent, check out the Media & Entertainment attendee guide to AWS re:Invent 2020 post.

State of media content production

Content creators are rapidly enabling production workflows using the cloud to take advantage of lower cost, faster time to market, and the ability for staff to access and create content anywhere in the world. Hear how Method Studios, a VFX company, uses AWS to advance and scale its content production pipeline to create some of the biggest blockbuster films. Learn about state-of-the-art best practices for rapidly and securely deploying AWS Cloud-based content creation workflows, including remote editing on virtual workstations, scale-out rendering and production distribution, and newly released AWS service offerings designed to augment and simplify creative workflows.

State of media content distribution

Digital transformation is accelerating across the media industry. Worldwide, content providers of all sizes are turning to AWS as they reshape their digital strategies. In this session, learn how industry leaders in broadcast and over-the-top media are building the future of content distribution with AWS to optimize costs, accelerate innovation, and unlock new business models. See how new technologies are being deployed, including Amazon Interactive Video Service and AWS Elemental Link, for live broadcast and over-the-top distribution, and explore new solutions for reliable, high-quality video transport.

COVID-19: Identify verification & work safety with Amazon Rekognition

Today, businesses are looking for ways to adapt to the challenges created by COVID-19. For example, financial businesses need to verify customer identity before accessing online services, educators need to verify student identity during remote tests, and retailers need to keep their employees and customers safe as they interact in physical proximity. Join this session to learn how companies use Amazon Rekognition, a fully managed computer vision service, to continue their business activities with automated and scalable online identity verification and workplace safety compliance.

Voice of the Customer: Financial Times

The Financial Times has always relied on facts and data to deliver the highest-quality journalism to the readers. The data-driven culture has always been part of the company values. In this 15 minute live session, hear the story of the FT’s journey from data to insights on AWS.

Serverless analytics at Equinox Media: Handling growth during disruption

As COVID-19 spread, Equinox Media recognized the need to fast-track the launch of Variis, its online fitness streaming platform. By developing Variis from the ground up with a cloud-native infrastructure, Equinox Media was able to accelerate and quickly scale up to meet demand. In this session, learn how AWS analytics enabled the company to launch a startup at a low cost with the confidence that it could scale with reliable cost prediction. Hear how Equinox Media leveraged a highly scalable, serverless data platform with services such as AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, and Amazon Kinesis to ramp up from beta to rollout in a matter of weeks.

How Disney+ uses fast data ubiquity to improve the customer experience

Disney+ uses Amazon Kinesis to drive real-time actions like providing title recommendations for customers, sending events across microservices, and delivering logs for operational analytics to improve the customer experience. In this session, you learn how Disney+ built real-time data-driven capabilities on a unified streaming platform. This platform ingests billions of events per hour in Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, processes and analyzes that data in Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink, and uses Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to deliver data to destinations without servers or code. Hear how these services helped Disney+ scale its viewing experience to tens of millions of customers with the required quality and reliability.

State of media security: A discussion with industry leaders

Over the last year, there has been a shift to a remote, dispersed workforce, all while viewers are consuming more media in more ways, which has changed how content is created, delivered, and consumed. In this session, Chief Information Security Officers from HBO Max, FOX, and MGM join an AWS security expert to discuss how the AWS Cloud helps media organizations scale and secure content through the entire supply chain—from the camera to the cloud and then to the customer. Hear these studio and streaming services leaders discuss their experiences with the recent evolution of media security standards and share their thoughts on the future of digital content security.

Intersectional approaches to inclusive design

The role of technology in society is more than infrastructure. The products, services, and experiences we are creating today will impact how people perceive, engage, and access the world around them. Join this session to discuss why applying an equity lens is important to creating inclusive and innovative products that reflect the reality of today and the real potential of tomorrow. Join Joshua Kissi, acclaimed photographer/director and cofounder of TONL (a stock photography platform that captures the essence of multicultural people, places, and stories), AWS Senior Solution Architect Brian Hammons, and AWS Inclusion Diversity and Equity Customer Leader Humeera Khan for this session.

Industry Live: M&E Year in Review

This 30 minute live session will cover 2020 M&E industry trends in content production, broadcast, direct-to-consumer and data science. Learn how the latest AWS services, including media solutions, will help you create content in the cloud, modernize your broadcast and over-the-top distribution, and better engage with your customers.

me. Magazine cover image of people working in clouds, in front of a soccerball, video game character, woman doing yoga, chef pipetting and a guitar

Learn more about how AWS customers, including Food Network Kitchen, FOX, Riot Games, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, use the cloud to create innovative and engaging services for their viewers, while also improving the scalability and reliability of their business operations in me. Magazine Issue 2.