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How CloudWatch cross-account observability helps JPMorgan Chase improve Federated Data Lake Monitoring

AWS best practices guide customers to deploy their applications across multiple AWS accounts to establish security and billing boundary between teams and to reduce the impact of operational events. As enterprises grow and scale with tons of resources, customers often need a unified observability experience to help them search, visualize, and analyze their cross-account telemetry […]

Operationalizing CloudWatch Anomaly Detection

In this post, you’ll explore Amazon CloudWatch anomaly detection and set it up using the AWS Console, the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), and AWS CloudFormation. We also review some best practices when using CloudWatch anomaly detection. CloudWatch alarms allow you to watch CloudWatch metrics and receive notifications when the metrics fall outside of […]

Analyzing AWS WAF Logs in Amazon CloudWatch Logs

This post shows you how to use Amazon CloudWatch features, such as Logs Insights, Contributor Insights, and Metric Filters to analyze AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) logs, create dashboards, and generate alarms.  CloudWatch Logs Insights provides you with a way to identify security incidences and false positives by interactively searching and analyzing your WAF […]

Create metrics and alarms for specific web pages with Amazon CloudWatch RUM

Amazon CloudWatch RUM makes it easy for AWS customers to access real-world performance metrics from web applications, thereby giving insights into the end-user experience. These user experiences are quantified into discrete metrics that you can then create alarms for. But what if you must have different load time alarms for certain pages? Or you’re testing […]

Enhance CloudWatch metrics with metric math functions

Enhance CloudWatch metrics with metric math functions

In June 2021, the Amazon CloudWatch team launched 14 new metric math functions. In this blog post, I’ll describe these new functions and show how you can use them to enhance your existing CloudWatch metrics, dashboards, and alarms. Metrics are an important part of observability and monitoring. A numerical representation of data measured over time, […]

Cost optimization in AWS using Amazon CloudWatch metric streams, AWS Cost and Usage Reports and Amazon Athena

Cost optimization in AWS using Amazon CloudWatch metric streams, AWS Cost and Usage Reports and Amazon Athena

You can use metric streams to create continuous, near-real-time streams of Amazon CloudWatch metrics to a destination of your choice. Metric streams make it easier to send CloudWatch metrics to popular third-party service providers using an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose HTTP endpoint. You can create a continuous, scalable stream that includes the most up-to-date CloudWatch […]