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How to engage application teams during a cloud migration

Engaging effectively with application teams is key in scaling out your cloud migration initiative. Some application teams want minimal involvement in the migration process. Others view it as opportunity to enable their engineers and learn by doing. In this post, I discuss the pros and cons and suitability criteria of three engagement models. Deliver (“do-for” […]

Augmenting mainframe data with IBM MQ and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Introduction In this post, we explore the approach of integrating mainframe IBM MQ with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK), to migrate your applications into a cloud-based consumer model. Amazon MSK is a fully managed Apache Kafka service from AWS that makes it simpler to set up and operate Kafka in the cloud. […]

Event Driven Architecture using Amazon EventBridge - Part 1

Event Driven Architecture using Amazon EventBridge – Part 1

This post is co-authored with Andy Suarez and Kevin Breton (from KnowBe4). For any successful growing organization, there comes a point when the technical architecture struggles to meet the demands of an expanding and interconnected business environment. The increasing complexity and technical debt in legacy systems create pain points that constrain innovation. To overcome these […]

KPIs – Enterprise Journey from Technology to Business

As discussed in this blog post, AWS sees organizations with well-defined, tracked and aligned business key performance indicators (KPIs) thrive in their cloud transformation journey. However, it is a challenge to define and track these KPIs. Even when organizations align to track outcomes and there is value in doing so, some encounter difficulties focusing on […]

Migrate Business Logic from Database to Application for Faster Innovation and Flexibility

Migrate Business Logic from Database to Application for Faster Innovation and Flexibility

This post was co-authored with Alex Kirpichny and Evgenia Chernyak (from Ispirer Systems) Introduction Many monolith applications have business logic in the database layer in the form of stored procedures and functions. Businesses have built and maintained their applications using PL/SQL, a reliable and robust programming language. As the technology landscape advances, harnessing the capabilities […]

Measure Transformation through the Cloud Adoption Lens

Measure Transformation through the Cloud Adoption lens

Introduction Business and technology teams often measure Digital Transformation and use a financial metric as the yardstick of success. This is an output focused approach, for example – if you migrate applications as-is to the cloud and reduce costs, businesses will approve more similar migrations. However, organizations need to take a comprehensive approach and include […]

From Planning to Execution – Harnessing AWS Migration Hub Journeys to Accelerate Migrations and Modernization

Cloud migrations and modernization are a lengthy, intricate, and continually evolving processes. Despite this, McKinsey studies indicate that customers are increasing cloud budgets and the number of applications that they plan to migrate. One of the primary complexities of migration and modernization projects are that collaboration with stakeholders can be cumbersome, relying on random ad-hoc […]

Modernizing WebLogic application to Cloud Native on AWS (Part 1)

Background In a typical 3-tier application architecture, WebLogic is an application server that runs on a middle tier between back-end databases and browser-based clients. WebLogic allows users to develop and deploy an application that has business logic and allows the application to access other services like database, messaging, or other enterprise systems. Many customers still […]

How to drive the discussions around carbon footprint reduction to support modernization and migration to the Cloud?

A Gartner, Inc. survey revealed that 87% of business leaders expect to increase their organization’s investment in sustainability over the next two years. This blog aims to equip Information Technology (IT) teams with the necessary resources to start the conversation with business leaders and prepare a compelling business case that highlights the opportunity for carbon […]

Accelerate Modernization outcomes with Automation

Introduction As organizations move towards modernizing their workloads in the cloud, there are key capabilities that need to be in place to enable the success of the modernization journey. The capabilities include organization structure, modernization strategy, automation, team readiness, and stakeholder sponsorship. Out of these, automation plays an outsized role in realizing the benefits of […]