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American University of Bahrain uses Amazon WorkSpaces to create a flexible learning environment

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American University of Bahrain (AUBH) turned to Amazon WorkSpaces for their desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution. Using Amazon WorkSpaces, AUBH runs Windows workloads, such as Microsoft Office applications, to create a flexible learning environment for students. Since using Amazon WorkSpaces, AUBH has increased the flexibility in how and where students can learn.

Getting started with Amazon WorkSpaces did not require outside expertise for the team, “Amazon WorkSpaces was simple for us to set up in self-service fashion, directly from the AWS Management Console,” says Sameera Al Atawi, Director of Information Technology at AUBH.

With the seasonality of the academic year, the ability to choose between monthly and hourly billing options further empowered the university to meet fluctuating user demand, while matching spend. In addition to being presented with a cost-effective solution, AUBH extended its classroom and lab technology portfolio, by offering students a learning environment that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Facilitating learning and graduating employment-ready students is at the heart of the university’s mission.

“Using the AWS Cloud was ideal for us. We are a large campus, and we offer integrated learning across our curriculum. We wanted students to be able to learn whether they’re on-campus or off-campus. Virtual learning and studying was our optimal solution,” says Mrs. Alatawi.

Providing students and faculty with modern, flexible learning options is an important part of the university’s philosophy. AUBH students use Amazon WorkSpaces to access multimedia software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, that are essential for their learning and continuous innovation. Regardless of location, students and faculty benefit from multi-device support on the services they use day-to-day to complete work.

Using Amazon WorkSpaces, students and faculty at the university can provision either Windows or Linux desktops to access and accelerate results of 3D applications, technical computing, and other graphic intensive applications, which streamline processes for AUBH’s dynamic Multimedia & Design and Engineering Programs.

Amazon WorkSpaces is accessible from a personal Windows or Linux environment on Android, iOS, Fire, Mac, PC, Chromebook, and Linux devices. “This wide compatibility across devices improves the convenience and flexibility of AUBH students and faculty’s lives—from work to home or while away from campus—virtually anywhere and anytime, they can be up and running,” says Mrs. Alatawi.

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