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AWS Marketplace announces new cooperative contract available through OMNIA Partners

AWS Marketplace announces new cooperative contract available through OMNIA Partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new nationwide cooperative contract for AWS services, including AWS Marketplace, through OMNIA Partners. The Software Marketplace and Related Cloud Services cooperative contract is available to OMNIA Partners participating agencies, including state and local government agencies, public and private K12 school districts, and higher education organizations. Through AWS Marketplace, OMNIA Partners participating agencies can access more than 12,000 vetted solutions from more than 2,000 providers across 50 product categories.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and service solutions. AWS Marketplace accelerates the time to deploy software from an average of seven days down to four hours. With free trials* and pay-as-you-go options, finding and trying new software is faster via AWS Marketplace than traditional methods, improving productivity by up to 50%.

The City of Rochester Hills, Michigan, an OMNIA Partners lead agency, awarded the Software Marketplace and Related Cloud Services contract to AWS after a competitive solicitation process. “Software procurement has historically been time-consuming and resource-intensive for us,” said Lisa Cummins, procurement manager for City of Rochester Hills. “Our quote threshold is $2,000 and each time we have a software procurement, something as small as a $2,000 purchase has taken up to six months to finalize, with a major backlog of requests for software purchases. AWS Marketplace with OMNIA Partners saves us so much time and allows our users the opportunity to view multiple products to help them select the best solution to meet their needs without cutting any corners on our City’s procurement standards.”

OMNIA Partners connects thousands of public agencies and educational institutions with world-class supplier partners. Their immense purchasing power has produced a comprehensive portfolio of cooperative contracts, with AWS Marketplace as the most recent addition. “We are beyond excited about our new collaboration. AWS Marketplace revolutionizes software procurement. The time and cost savings AWS offers are going to be a game changer for our members,” said Doug Looney, OMNIA Partners’ senior vice president of public sector sales.

Better together. In the past, many public sector customers wishing to use AWS Marketplace still had to collect multiple bids or issue a Request for Proposals to comply with their jurisdictions’ procurement rules. Now, these customers can piggyback on the OMNIA Partners contract when setting up their AWS account—satisfying competitive bidding requirements with minimal time and effort. Global Public Sector Marketplace Leader, Jim Helou said, “I cannot think of a more valuable and trusted ally than OMNIA Partners to help guide our customers to a new and better way of buying software.”

Curious if AWS Marketplace via OMNIA Partners is right for your organization? Check out the AWS OMNIA Partners resource page for more information or to request a consultation.


*Some products listed on AWS Marketplace offer free trials. The free trial enables you to try the software before you buy it. Free trials are limited to a certain amount of free usage, or for a specific amount of time. You can’t pause a free trial period once it starts. Read more.

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Brandi Steckel

Brandi Steckel

Brandi leads state and local government and education AWS Marketplace sales, scale, and adoption at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She specializes in guidance on procurement paths for projects involving software and services. She has developed nationwide state and local capture management practices and led federal, state and local, and education proposals and program management teams.