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Empowering partners to drive digital transformation: The AWS Partner Transformation Program and eBook

Neon sign text "Change"; Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Digital transformation (DX) is shaping the future of business. While it can mean different things to different leaders, DX is about migrating from on-premises and labor-based models to the cloud, then complementing migration with cloud capabilities and agility. But to stop there would miss the full potential of using the cloud to enable DX.

The AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP)

The potential of DX is the sum of its parts: “digital” and “transformation.” Explored in isolation, we’re limited to either the constant pursuit and implementation of new technologies that enhance capabilities or a focus on change to modernize and become more efficient and innovative. Combined, they represent the future of business, how it operates, how it serves customers and employees, and how it adapts to industry evolution.

DX is continuous, never ends, and never a “won and done” series of checked boxes. DX is how organizations continually respond to disruptive events, trends, and technologies – beyond IT. The most effective partners in a DX journey explore existing states and capabilities within, benchmark those results against industry best practices and customer needs, and apply those insights to a strategic digital transformation plan of their own. This is the spirit behind the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP).

“The great thing about the PTP was that it was a forcing function. It got everyone in the company aligned,” said Sonu Singh, President and CEO at 1901 Group. “I don’t think we would have gotten everything done if we hadn’t had the 100-day transformation plan and worked together with AWS. It’s been great to see the alignment between our teams.”

No matter how experienced partners are, organizations are actively seeking the most innovative, experienced, and agile teams to lead their digital transformation journey. Through the PTP, AWS helps partners become the right partners for organizations as they seek digital transformation. PTP partners participate in a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program to help build a successful and profitable AWS Cloud business. In 2018, partners who went through PTP grew their revenue more than double that of other AWS Partner Network (APN) partners.

Introducing the AWS Partner Transformation Program eBook

For PTP partners to get started, AWS created a DX playbook “The AWS Partner Transformation Program: Setting the Stage to Transformation Your Business.” The eBook, written by digital analyst and best-selling author Brian Solis, explores digital trends, DX methodologies, and the needs and areas of opportunity for partner organizations. The eBook can help PTP partners chart a “transformation plan” to set the stage for their customers’ digital transformation.

Through PTP and with this eBook, we’re committed to helping AWS partners be the industry’s most skilled guides for companies looking to adapt and thrive through digital transformation.

Download the AWS Partner Transformation Program eBook and learn more about the AWS Partner Transformation Program.

The PTP is open to partners that are either new to the cloud and need help with planning for cloud migration or have started the process but need help in accelerating their journey. Every PTP partner receives a customized transformation plan to accelerate their journey to AWS and support in the execution of identified activities.

To learn more, speak to your AWS partner development manager or contact us.