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Harnessing the power of cloud: Startups deliver innovative services to public safety agencies faster

Startups are reinventing the way that information is delivered and analyzed to drive innovation in government organizations and agencies around the globe. Without the substantial upfront cost of infrastructure, these companies can focus on driving unique solutions tailored to first responders from public safety agencies with the scale and tools of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Callyo and Mark43, two AWS startup customers, are bringing innovation to investigators in over 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the United States. Through their recent partnership, the startups are breaking down long-standing informational silos within the agencies between investigators, the second-largest group within law enforcement, and other divisions such as patrol.

By using Callyo’s signature Investigative Suite, investigators will be able to integrate information with Mark43’s secure, cloud-based Records Management System (RMS). Mark43’s RMS allows for efficient report writing and case investigation management in the cloud. Meanwhile, Callyo provides a virtual phone network for law enforcement so that investigators can securely make phone calls and record interviews. This capability eliminates the need for inefficient methods of buying and managing outdated hardware.

By integrating their two systems, the companies are making connections that empower both police officers and investigators. The future includes bidirectional searching and viewing capabilities of the Mark43 RMS records in Callyo. Another upcoming functionality will provide notifications to investigators if a suspect that they are interviewing with Callyo shows up in the Mark43 RMS as recently being pulled over or coming into contact with patrol.

Both startups are hosted on AWS GovCloud (US) and have been featured as leading innovators in the GovTech 100. Since both companies are SaaS, the integration can be available immediately to entire customer bases at no additional cost for mutual customers.

This is just one example where AWS is empowering startups to build innovative solutions. Through ResponderXLabs, a program powered by AWS with Florida-based venture capital firm Responder Ventures, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to leverage the AWS Cloud to fully enable their solutions for the new era of public safety mobility.

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