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Helping nonprofits become data driven to better deliver services with AWS DigiNPO

According to IT World Canada, big data analytics is one of the top five technology trends that will help nonprofits run their organizations in a more efficient and effective manner. In addition, IT World Canada calls out modernizing fundraising technology, video conferencing, digital meets physical platforms, and virtual volunteerism as rising trends in the nonprofit sector. These all require strategic innovation built from digital transformations.

Increasingly, nonprofits rely on simple to use and secure cloud technologies to accelerate their transformation to data-driven organizations. Data-driven organizations strive to base their business decisions on the evidence provided by data—which requires an adherence to data processing best practices, and, at the same time, the ability to innovate based on identified opportunities within the data that can lead to new funding, donors, and citizen services.

To help empower nonprofits to become data-driven organizations, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a pilot program for charities and nonprofit organizations in Canada called AWS DigiNPO. AWS DigiNPO is a program designed to raise awareness of the cloud as a tool for charities and nonprofit organizations to deliver community-centric services. It connects nonprofit employees to the knowledge and resources needed to accelerate digital transformation at their organization. The program is a part of the AWS DigiSeries initiative which presents two adjacent offerings: AWS DigiGov, for government employees, and AWS DigiHealth, for healthcare employees.

AWS DigiNPO is a half day virtual program that uses content from foundational cloud courses offered by AWS Training and Certification. The course also shares relevant customer success stories in sessions tailored to the participants. The program was piloted in collaboration with Imagine Canada, a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen Canadian charities and nonprofits so they can better serve individuals and communities both in Canada and around the world. The AWS DigiNPO pilot program was the largest AWS DigiSeries pilot in Canada, and 76% of the attendees indicated that they are increasing the use of data to make decisions at their organizations.

We understand that those who work for charities and nonprofit organizations need resources to meet their busy schedules, so we’ve made the pilot available for replay on-demand so that it can be conveniently watched by those who want to learn more about the art of possible for their organizations.

Watch the AWS DigiNPO virtual program on-demand here.

Learn more about AWS for nonprofits, or contact us directly for more information about how AWS can help your nonprofit with your digital transformation.

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