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Resiliency imperatives for CIOs with sensitive and highly-available cloud environments in AWS GovCloud (US)

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, technology leaders, and government agency CIOs continually balance risk and reward to accomplish many things by using AWS GovCloud (US). They work to transform citizen experiences, save taxpayers money, support sustainable growth, expand market presence, modernize legacy systems, increase security, drive efficiencies, strengthen brand equity, and reduce environmental impact, with AWS GovCloud (US) serving as a foundation for strategic technology advancement.

NEW WHITEPAPER: Resiliency imperatives for CIOs using AWS GovCloud (US)

It’s no secret that cloud-based technologies support mission and business outcomes. What’s often a secret is that public sector CIOs with sensitive information have unique considerations when providing technology-based capabilities that meet rapidly evolving mission needs, are delivered on-time and on-budget, and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements. This is why in 2011 AWS launched AWS GovCloud (US), a secure, isolated, sovereign, elastic, scalable, compliant, and resilient isolated hyper-scale cloud. AWS GovCloud (US) allows CIOs to compliantly innovate with agility while delivering business outcomes and increasing mission effectiveness from their cloud technology investments. Since 2011, AWS GovCloud (US) has earned CIO trust to become the low-risk cloud of choice to host sensitive and highly-regulated workloads.

Over the past decade-plus, CIO feedback has shown an increased focus on minimizing technology interruptions that could degrade mission effectiveness or diminish business outcomes. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy often says, “there is no compression algorithm for experience.” Since AWS was founded in 2006, we have consistently invested in the resiliency of our global infrastructure and services. Knowing that resiliency is important to our AWS GovCloud (US) CIOs, AWS applied 13 years of experience hosting highly-regulated, mission-critical workloads to create a resiliency insights whitepaper to help CIOs better-understand and use the resiliency benefits of AWS GovCloud (US) cloud technologies. This whitepaper contains lessons learned and best practices, and offers CIOs insights into establishing, achieving, and maintaining both enterprise and workload-specific resiliency goals. Doing so can help achieve business outcomes and increase mission effectiveness using AWS GovCloud (US) hyper-scale cloud technology.

Download the “Resiliency imperatives for CIOs with sensitive and highly-available cloud environments” paper for more information about resiliency in AWS GovCloud (US).

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David Schatzman

David Schatzman

David is a technical business development manager for Amazon Web Services (AWS) focused on serving public sector civilian and financial customers using AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. He works closely with customers to help align their mission goals and technology strategies with the capabilities of AWS GovCloud (US). David also leads the AWS GovCloud (US) digital assets and resiliency product strategies.

Scott Bourn

Scott Bourn

Scott is a technical business development manager for Amazon Web Services (AWS) driving independent software vendor (ISV) and software as a service (SaaS) partner success in public sector using the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. He works closely with partners to break through market barriers and drive campaign fulfillment aligned with their strategic plans and goals, all with the capabilities of the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.