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The Future of Policing: Body Cameras, Video Storage, and Data Management

Body cameras and digital evidence management solutions are the fastest growing technologies in the Justice and Public Safety space. According to a recent survey sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, 94.5 percent of law enforcement agencies had either implemented or were fully committed to implementing body cameras. Empirical research has shown that body cameras significantly reduce use of force incidents and citizen complaints, helping to improve public trust. AWS cloud technology and its partner ecosystem enable law enforcement to collect, securely store, and analyze body camera and other video data, from dash cameras to surveillance cameras to citizen-generated video.

AWS knows video

AWS has experience and expertise managing the demands and challenges that vast amounts of data requires. Everything from bandwidth, streaming, and content storage to analysis, AWS can help solve video storage and data management needs of any kind.

Netflix delivers billions of hours of content globally by running on AWS. Netflix chose Amazon for redundancy, reliability, and the ability to rapidly implement DevOps capabilities for their business.

The AWS Cloud makes video storage, analysis and data management possible through its scalable, secure, and flexible environment.  This allows police departments to meet evolving video retention mandates, while saving money and streamlining deployment for a multitude of video-based solutions.

Solutions through our partner community

Through AWS and our expert partner community, the AWS Partner Network (APN), you can transform your department with next-generation technology from body worn cameras and video redaction software, to complete digital evidence management systems.

For example, our APN partner Utility, Inc has developed a body-worn technology that has automatic recording triggers based on policies, officer down reporting and alerting, live video streaming, and secure automatic wireless offload to AWS Cloud storage. Utility’s BodyWorn video, audio, and metadata can be accessed through its cloud-based digital evidence management solution, AVaiL Web™. Utility’s other solutions, Rocket IoT™ in-car video and Smart Redaction™ application for releasing video to the public, also leverage AWS Cloud storage providing mission-critical mobile intelligence.

Additionally, Motorola offers a digital evidence management solution that simplifies the way your agency captures, stores, and manages multi-media content. The solution includes the Si Series Video Speaker Microphone that combines voice communications, body-worn video, still images, voice recording and emergency alerting into one compact, easy-to-use device.  Integrated with Motorola’s secure cloud-based CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software, this solution is streamlining technology and reducing costs for law enforcement everywhere.

Being able to record, transmit, store, redact, and share digital evidence is no easy task. Cloud technology makes the life cycle of video and digital evidence management easier to manage than an on-premises IT environment could. Video storage and data management needs will only continue to increase in volume and importance for your agency in the coming years. Come learn how AWS and our public safety partner community can help you with your video and data management needs, so that you can focus on what matters most and experience the future of policing.

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