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The Future of Policing is in the Cloud

Imagine a world with connected citizens and community engagement empowered by innovative technology. This is a place with open dialogue between police and their citizens and between departments. This isn’t a utopian world; this type of connected community can be realized today. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are increasing transparency, instilling trust, and making more informed policing decisions to better protect their citizens.

Technology can help get us to this collaborative future state through body-worn cameras, video redaction, e-citation, crime forecasting, digital evidence management, mobile forensic software, public records management, major event risk management, and e-discovery.

The White House Police Data Initiative (PDI) is accelerating progress around public safety data transparency and analysis, with a strong emphasis on sharing information and communicating. Greater transparency translates into stronger communities. Residents can go and learn, get answers to their common questions, and share real stories in a central place. This open dialogue allows citizens to be empowered through real data and understand what steps are being taken by their police department to keep their community safe.

Police departments involved in the PDI are working to connect their communities and improve public safety. The 53 police departments involved are committed to releasing 101 datasets never before seen by the public and are establishing new practices that will allow for knowledge sharing, community-sourced problem solving, and documentation of best practices for police departments nationwide.

Through the use of open data powered by the AWS cloud, police departments can securely share and collaborate, enabling the future of policing in departments throughout the country. The most trusted names in law enforcement, like Motorola and Socrata, trust AWS. We focus on securing your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters most—protecting your citizens.

  1. Trust – We are committed to the public safety community and design products and services with you in mind. When the stakes are high, you shouldn’t have to worry about your mission critical apps going down.  AWS is reliable, fault tolerant, and highly available.
  2. Security – AWS is an expert in physical and virtual security. We have more resources dedicated to manual and automated security measures than you can employ in-house, including encryption, audit trail, security-by-design, and network and security monitoring.
  3. Cost Savings – Spend your limited budget on what matters most. Our customers benefit from economies of scale as we have dropped our prices 51 times. With AWS, you can experience 64.3% savings when compared to your on-premises environment.

In addition to building trust, providing a secure infrastructure, and helping with cost savings, AWS complies with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) standard. We sign CJIS security agreements with our customers, including allowing or performing any required employee background checks. We also have an isolated AWS region designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads in the cloud that is managed by US persons only—the AWS GovCloud(US).

The future of policing can be realized today. Powered by the AWS cloud, come see what Socrata and AWS can do for your department. And check out our other partner solutions here.