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How Auris leveraged AWS SageMaker to help marketers with machine learning

When we started GenY Labs a couple of years ago, infrastructure was one of the biggest challenges for us. It wasn’t easy to find machine learning-tuned hardware. Even if we did identify an infrastructure service provider, the challenge was the ability to change the algorithm on their platform. With ambition and fire in the belly, our team at GenY Labs set out to solve this problem.

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How one Swiss startup used the cloud to achieve the same level of security as a Swiss Bank

Like many startups today, Nummo was born in the cloud and given our industry and our future goals, we wouldn’t compromise any other aspects of our offering. People needed to feel their data is secure when using Nummo.

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Could this new speech-to-text technology Break the Internet?

You might remember when Kim Kardashian’s 2014 Paper magazine cover boldly stated it would “Break the Internet.” All due apologies to Ms. Kardashian, but the Internet didn’t actually break as a result of her racy cover—it went on functioning normally. The truth is the Internet can’t be broken. It doesn’t work like that. Bad actors can try to cause regional disruptions, but aside from a cataclysmic event like the meteor that finished off the dinosaurs, the Internet will keep plugging along.

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Build an innovative navigation, augmented reality, or computer vision app and win a trip to AWS Re:Invent 2018

We’re excited to partner with AWS to launch the Vision Developer Contest! Build an awesome app powered by the Mapbox Vision SDK. The first 500 participants to register will receive $50 worth of free AWS credits to help you get started, and one developer will win an all-expenses-paid trip to AWS re:Invent this November.

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