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Say Hello to 179 New AWS Competency, Service Delivery, Service Ready, and MSP Partners Added in June

We are excited to highlight 179 AWS Partners that received new or renewed specializations in June for our global AWS Competency, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Service Ready programs. These designations span workload, solution, and industry, and help AWS customers identify top AWS Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. AWS Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of the business benefits AWS has to offer.

Industry Transformation with Workday and AWS

Workday and AWS Deliver Enhanced AI Capabilities

Integrating Workday Extend with Amazon Web Services (AWS) empowers organizations to unlock innovation and create custom solutions. Workday Extend’s no/low-code platform, combined with AWS services like Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Textract and Amazon Translate enables faster time-to-market and greater productivity. The integration supports various use cases, from automating billing processes to AI-powered text and image analysis. With robust security and seamless authentication, this collaboration accelerates digital transformation and growth. Visit the Workday Developer Site or contact your Workday Account Executive for more information.

Maximizing Cloud Value with Generative AI on AWS using IBM Cloud Accelerators

By Phani Kumar Lingamallu, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS By Franklin Koilpillai, Cloud Solution Architect -IBM By Hicks Lin, Distinguished Engineer – IBM Customers are facing challenges in maximizing the benefits of the cloud. While the cloud adoption rate is increasing, some customers have migrated to the cloud and cannot realize the benefits. According […]

Announcing 2024 AWS Partner Award Nominations

The 2024 AWS Partner Awards honor partners who have demonstrated outstanding results and innovation with the use of AWS products and solutions. AWS Partners can self-nominate themselves to be considered across a select number of AWS Partner Award categories. Award submissions will be reviewed by a third-party and selected with special emphasis placed on customer success use cases presented in the nomination form. All nominations must be submitted by 11:59 PM PDT on August 9, 2024.

Bloomberg Blog

Connect Fast and Secure to Bloomberg FIX and SWIFT Services from AWS

Connectivity to the FIX and Swift networks have traditionally required on-prem appliances or connectivity solutions which have been roadblocks for companies looking to migrate some of their workloads to the cloud. With the service offerings provided by Bloomberg on AWS for these critical services, those roadblocks are now removed and the cloud journey can continue.

10 million insurance quotes per hour – How CDL and AWS are tackling the cost of living crisis

Global inflation is putting pressure on consumers and insurance providers, leading to rising prices, squeezed margins and increased fraud. Learn how the CDL ecosystem on AWS supports both customers and insurers in addressing the global cost of living crisis, scaling to support hundreds of millions of quotes daily and reducing the cost of buying and providing insurance.

AWS Generative AI Competency Expands: More Partners, New Offerings

We’re excited to share the next wave of AWS Generative AI Competency Partners that have demonstrated deep expertise in building and deploying groundbreaking generative AI applications across industries. Expanding the competency further helps AWS customers quickly locate experienced and well-supported partners in their region and showcase their innovations worldwide.

How Tapway trains, manages and keeps computer vision models up to date

By Chee How Lim, CEO – Tapway Marouane Sefiani, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – IoT Vasileios Vonikakis, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AIML Tapway Computer Vision (CV) models are algorithms trained to recognize patterns in images and videos. In order for them to maintain high accuracy as visual environments evolve, they need to be updated […]

Enabling Credit Card Entry with Cognizant Customer Concierge Solution for Amazon Just Walk Out Technology

By Michael Sachar, Pallavi Upadhye, and Pradeep Raju – Cognizant By Raja GT, Cody Shive, Shaf Begen, and Saurabh Mathur – AWS cognizant As the retail landscape continues to evolve, retailers look for new technologies like Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to enhance the in-store shopping experience for their customers. While retailers are evolving, so […]

New Programs, Benefits, and Tools: Empowering AWS Partners for Greater Profitability

Learn about the new programs, benefits, tools, and partner experience enhancements to help you secure more wins, land bigger deals, and accelerate your success. From expediting migrations, enhancing managed services, driving business-focused solutions, and expanding reseller assistance, to new levers that drive demand generation and business productivity with AWS Partner Central and AWS Marketplace, and more.