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AWS Security Competency Adds DSPM and TEAM Use Cases for ISV Partners

By Aliaksei Ivanou, Partner Solutions Architect, Security and Identity – AWS
By Brian Mendenhall, WW Head, Security Partners – AWS

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, security remains a concern for organizations of all sizes. As the threat landscape evolves, so do the solutions that address these challenges.

The AWS Security Competency aligns partner cyber security offerings to the needs of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. We understand that independent software vendors (ISVs) play a critical role in shaping the security ecosystem. To further empower ISVs, we have added two new use cases to the Security Competency, tailored to address emerging security needs.

Data Security Posture Management – A Comprehensive Approach

In the era of complex data environments, maintaining a strong security posture is non-negotiable. Organizations not only require robust protection against vulnerabilities and misconfigurations but also need to ensure compliance with stringent data protection regulations. The AWS Security Competency for ISVs now includes the Data Security Posture Management use case in the Data Protection category to cater to this crucial need.

Modern organizations must secure a wide array of AWS resources, from databases to storage and data repositories. However, traditional approaches often fall short in identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance issues, particularly without the ability to install agents on monitored systems.

Data Security Posture Management solutions streamline the process of data security management, and continuously assess the data security posture of AWS resources, identifying potential risks in real-time. These solutions generate comprehensive compliance reports, ensuring adherence to data protection regulations and industry standards. Furthermore, they empower organizations with actionable remediation recommendations and granular access control to enforce effective data security policies.

Temporary Elevated Access Management – Balancing Security and Flexibility

Balancing the need for temporary, controlled access with robust security measures is a common challenge. The Temporary Elevated Access Management use case in the Identity and Access Management category directly addresses this critical issue.

Many organizations require users to have temporary, elevated access for specific tasks, creating a dynamic environment where traditional access management systems often fall short.

By using Temporary Elevated Access Management solutions, users can request access to AWS IAM Identity Center permission sets, providing essential information such as an AWS account, permission set, time period, and reason for the request. These solutions ensure timely request approval status notifications, implement scope-based session invocation constraints, and empower administrators with request management tools.

With features like self-approval prevention, activity audit trails, and more, comprehensive security is within reach.

Join the AWS Security Competency

For ISVs looking to be at the forefront of security innovation, these new use cases present an exciting opportunity. The AWS Security Competency now covers these valuable capabilities, allowing ISVs with solutions that align to apply for the competency.

Don’t miss this chance to showcase your innovative security solutions within the AWS ecosystem. By participating in the AWS Security Competency, you’ll gain access to resources, support, and recognition, positioning your ISV offering as a leader in addressing the security challenges of tomorrow.

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