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Boost Performance of Sentieon Genomics Tools Using MemVerge’s Memory Machine Cloud

Sentieon genomics analysis tools and MemVerge’s Memory Machine Cloud (MMCloud) reduce cost and improve performance for next-generation sequencing pipelines on AWS. MMCloud monitors job resource usage and seamlessly migrates running processes between optimally sized Amazon EC2 instances. Tests with a Sentieon whole genome sequencing pipeline showed a 40% decrease in runtime and 34% cost reduction versus running on a single overprovisioned instance.

Automated and Consistent Security Coverage for Amazon EC2 Workloads with Uptycs and AWS Systems Manager

Uptycs and AWS Systems Manager integration provides automated, consistent deployment of Uptycs sensors across Amazon EC2 instances. This enhances security by ensuring full coverage, reducing misconfigurations, and streamlining management. Uptycs is an AWS Specialization Partner offering cloud-native application protection and endpoint detection and response. The integration leverages AWS Systems Manager’s capabilities for centralized instance management.

Maximizing Commitment-Based Savings with AWS and Apptio Cloudability

AWS provides discounted pricing through Reserved Instances and Savings Plans in return for usage commitments. Apptio Cloudability helps organizations maximize these commitments by analyzing AWS cost data to identify savings opportunities. Cloudability also offers automation to optimize commitments continuously, achieving higher savings than manual management allows. This frees up financial operations resources to focus on other cloud cost optimization initiatives.


Enhancing Availability and Amazon EC2 Spot Utilization of Databricks Workloads on AWS

Databricks fleet instances were developed for large Databricks workloads on AWS to improve cluster provisioning process, increase Amazon EC2 Spot utilization, and drive overall cost optimization. Learn how customers can launch clusters using Spot instances using diversified node types. This increases a cluster’s chances of getting EC2 Spot instances which in turn further reduces costs. Maximizing availability and EC2 Spot utilization is key to running cost-optimized Databricks workloads on AWS.


Give Your Graph Workload a Cost-Performance Boost with Neo4j and AWS Graviton

AWS Graviton processors are designed to deliver the best price performance for your cloud workloads running in Amazon EC2 and the most cost-effective and performant choice for graph database workloads running Neo4j. Tests have shown that deploying Neo4j with AWS Graviton-based instances results in cost savings of up to 15% as well as a boost for write performance of up to 146% over equivalent Intel-based instances.

Deliver the Resources You Need with Parallels RAS and Amazon EC2

Parallels RAS provides a platform that can deliver consistent digital workspace services from multiple sources, without requiring specialist IT administration skills. This means existing teams can deploy solutions using Parallels RAS and easily integrate with AWS. We’ll walk you through the steps an administrator takes within the Parallels RAS Console to successfully deliver services to end users via Amazon EC2, and we’ll review the benefits of this integration.


A New Strategy for Savings: Distributed Spot Orchestration for Amazon EKS in Harness Cloud Cost Management

Successfully operating any workload in the cloud requires careful attention to cost optimization, and there are various benefits to running your applications on Kubernetes. Learn how the Harness Cloud Cost Management solution reduces waste with full automation and cost transparency using Cluster Orchestrator for Amazon EKS. Harness is an AWS Partner and modern software delivery platform that uses AI to simplify your DevOps.

Optimize Price Performance for Amazon EC2 Workloads with AWS Graviton Delivery Partners

Tens of thousands of customers—from startups to large enterprises—are realizing significant price performance using AWS Graviton-based instances in Amazon EC2. The AWS Graviton Delivery specialization makes it easy for customers to accelerate and scale their adoption of AWS Graviton to achieve better workload performance and cost savings. AWS Graviton Delivery Partners have hands-on experience and proven expertise to help customers achieve better workload performance and cost savings with Graviton.

Optimize Cost and Performance with Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Partners

As customers look for ways to optimize their cloud computing usage and performance, Amazon EC2 Spot Instances provide the ability to do more for less. The Amazon EC2 Spot Ready specialization helps customers find AWS Partner software products that support Amazon EC2 Spot. Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Partners provide customers the ability to have a cost-optimized, well-architected solution to enable significant savings for their workloads—allowing them to focus on their core offering.


AWS to Offer Fourth-Generation AMD EPYC Processor-Based Amazon EC2 Instances

As customers look to innovate with the cloud, AWS is focused on helping organizations grow by enabling them to securely run a wide range of applications with price performance benefits. AMD-powered instances are integral to these offerings, and with AMD’s announcement of fourth-generation AMD EPYC processors AWS plans to offer Amazon EC2 instances powered by the newly-introduced processors. These instances will expand customer choice of compute options available on EC2.