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Building Cross-Account Deployment in GitLab Pipelines Using AWS CDK

AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) can save time while developing infrastructure as code in your preferred language, such as JavaScript/TypeScript, or Python. This post provides reference framework for customers which can save time implementing GitLab Pipelines using AWS CDK for a secured and reliable deployment experience across their teams. Many organizations use GitLab as a CI/CD platform for their cloud infrastructure and application deployments on AWS.


How to Use AWS Service Catalog with HashiCorp Terraform Cloud

Customers use AWS Service Catalog to create and manage a catalog of IT services and products approved for use on AWS. Learn how to use AWS Service Catalog Engine for Terraform Cloud to provision your products and benefit from a self-service provisioning model that removes the heavy lifting of managing Terraform infrastructure. End users with a pre-validated catalog of infrastructure and enforce governance through Terraform Cloud features such as team permissions, run tasks, and policy sets.


Improving System Resilience and Observability: Chaos Engineering with AWS FIS and AWS DLT

By automating performance testing and including chaos testing, organizations can identify failure scenarios in systems before they develop and cause downtime. Learn how Distributed Load Testing on AWS (DLT) automates performance testing at scale, and how AWS Fault Injection Simulator (AWS FIS) performs controlled chaos engineering experiments on AWS resources. By combining the power of AWS FIS and DLT, organizations can perform comprehensive resilience testing and continuously validate their systems.


Setting Up OpenID Connect with GitLab CI/CD to Provide Secure Access to Environments in AWS Accounts

When building out a CI/CD pipeline, there are ways to proactively harden your pipelines when they need to access environments in AWS accounts. Given that your pipeline will have create and destroy access to critical components of your AWS-based environments, it’s important to evaluate how GitLab Runner authenticates and authorizes for access to your AWS accounts. Learn how the new OpenID Connect (OIDC) for GitLab CI/CD jobs can help you access AWS services using GitLab.


InovCares Opens Up Service Offering to Support Enterprises with Help from Avahi to Scale AWS Infrastructure

As applications go to market and the customer workload increases rapidly, a higher level of cloud expertise is typically needed to tune the AWS infrastructure. Learn how Avahi Technologies and AWS collaborated to help InovCares take on the challenge of tuning a cloud infrastructure to support applications as workloads increase. Avahi was well suited for this project for its ability to help customers drive change and compete at speed by leveraging a cloud-first strategy.

Simple and Flexible SaaS Entitlement Management with LaunchDarkly

Being able to support varying tenant configurations is a common requirement for SaaS providers. Learn how LaunchDarkly creates varied tenant experiences with entitlement flags and how to model entitlements as feature flags, targeted to tiers to give tenants access to specific features. We’ll also dive into ways you can use the LaunchDarkly feature for flagging deployments/releases, doing progressive rollouts, or running experimentation—all important release practices for SaaS providers.


Live Troubleshooting of Amazon EKS Applications with Dynamic Instrumentation and Lightrun

Amazon EKS provides a managed scaled control plane which eliminates the undifferentiated heavy lifting for the enterprise platform team. Learn how using the Lightrun developer observability platform and Amazon EKS together, organizations can maximize their mean time to resolution of defects, enhance developer productivity, and reduce overall logging costs. Lightrun and Amazon EKS enable full-cycle developer observability.


How the Mendix Low-Code Application Platform Helps the Public Sector Innovate Faster with AWS

A low-code software development platform with a robust ecosystem has proven invaluable for public sector agencies tasked with reinventing digital government for a new era. Learn how Mendix has enabled public sector customers to meet the rapid pace of innovation, and removed the barriers that come with traditional deployment models by using their low-code application development platform. Mendix is a Siemens business and a global leader in enterprise low-code.


Kiteworks Accelerates Private Content Network Provisioning with Automation on AWS

Securing digital communications across omnichannel depends on the tools used by the organization. Kiteworks delivers a dedicated Private Content Network (PCN) to unify, track, control, and secure the private information interchanged between organizations and their trusted partners like consultants, customers, and suppliers. Learn how Kiteworks uses AWS for infrastructure provisioning, data protection, and automation of its PCN.


Building Scalable IT Platforms with the AWS CDK Using Attini

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) allows developers to define their infrastructure as code using familiar programming languages. It simplifies the process of building, deploying, and managing infrastructure in AWS, making it a popular choice for organizations that want to improve their agility, reliability, and scalability. Learn how Attini helps you package your code, configuration, and deployment instructions into immutable artifacts. The Attini Framework will then automatically run your deployments for you.