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How to Leverage the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework for VMware Cloud on AWS

Learn how to apply the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) security perspective to VMware Cloud on AWS. This post covers the shared responsibility model between VMware, AWS, and the customer across areas like security governance, access management, threat detection, vulnerability management, and incident response. Understanding these distinct scopes is critical for maintaining a strong security and compliance posture when using VMware Cloud on AWS.


Using IAM Roles Anywhere to Help Secure VMware Cloud on AWS Workloads

AWS IAM Roles Anywhere allow you to use identity and access management roles to obtain temporary credentials for workloads outside AWS. This minimizes exposed credentials, enables centralized access controls with AWS IAM, and provides granular permissions to virtual machines. Explore common use cases for using IAM Roles Anywhere for your workloads running on VMware Cloud on AWS and the relevant setup process on a virtual machine in VMware Cloud on AWS.


Your Guide to VMware Cloud on AWS at re:Invent 2023

The VMware Cloud on AWS team is looking forward to meeting customers at AWS re:Invent 2023. We have planned insightful sessions for customers looking for a faster and more cost-effective way to the cloud. There are VMware Cloud on AWS breakout sessions, chalk talks, and workshops covering topics such as migration best practices, disaster recovery, modernization, and more. Got questions? We’ve got answers. Meet our team at the Enterprise Workloads booth.

Simplify Application Networking with Amazon VPC Lattice and VMware Cloud on AWS

As customers migrate workloads into VMware Cloud on AWS, it’s become imperative to address service-to-service connectivity requirements between existing applications running on SDDCs and new services deployed using native AWS services. Learn how Amazon VPC Lattice can simplify inter-service communication across SDDCs and cloud-native environments, while abstracting the underlying networking complexity.

How Koç University Uses VMware VCDR to Meet its Disaster Recovery Needs

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are crucial investments for every institution, especially in higher education. VMware Cloud on AWS can help institutions preserve on-premises virtual machines by using established VMware disaster recovery technology and the speed of the AWS Cloud. Learn how Commencis helped Koç University, founded in 1993 as a nonprofit research university in Istanbul, meet business continuity requirements for its critical workloads with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery.

Best Practices from Eviden, an Atos Business, for Migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS allows customers to migrate VMware vSphere-based workloads to a VMware-managed SDDC running on AWS. But what’s the best way to manage migrating to AWS while minimizing disruption and maximizing return on investment? Learn how the “Eviden Approach” of addressing cloud migrations to VMware Cloud on AWS has been specifically developed and optimized to address complex cloud migrations.


AWS at VMware Explore US 2023 Recap: 6 Years of Accelerating Digital Transformations

In August 2023, AWS participated as a Global Diamond Sponsor at VMware Explore US 2023. Alongside AWS Partner VMware, the event highlighted our commitment to aiding customers in their digital transformation journey. From the AWS booth to sponsored sessions, our presence at VMware Explore showcased how customers can achieve a faster, safer, and more cost-effective cloud journey with VMware Cloud on AWS. Learn about the exciting announcements and access sessions on demand.


Introducing VPC Peering for Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP with VMware Cloud on AWS

Last year, we announced Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP integration with VMware Cloud on AWS, and introduced support for single-Availability Zone deployments. Previously, AWS Transit Gateway has been a requirement of the solution, providing customers with flexibility with connecting their file systems to their VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs. Now, we are excited to announce the removal of AWS Transit Gateway as a requirement from the solution. Instead, we are adding support for virtual private cloud (VPC) peering.

Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring for Workloads Hosted on VMware Cloud on AWS

Monitoring and managing cloud-based resources is crucial for maintaining performance, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring the health of your infrastructure. Learn about the integration of Amazon CloudWatch with VMware Cloud on AWS with a focus on monitoring the workload of virtual machines. We’ll elaborate on the benefits of integrating CloudWatch with other AWS services as well as third-party services like ServiceNow ITSM tool and IBM Netcool.


Getting Started with AWS Backups for VMware Cloud on AWS

The advent of automated infrastructure provisioning and cloud-based remote backup and recovery solutions has empowered organizations to embrace advanced data protection and backup strategies tailored for cloud-native workloads. Explore the architectural design and considerations customers should consider before adopting AWS Backup using private interface VPC endpoints (powered by AWS PrivateLink) to protect workloads running on VMware Cloud on AWS.