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Forrester TEI: The Partner Opportunity for Building SaaS on Amazon Web Services

By Akshay Patel, Business Lead – AWS SaaS Factory

For software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides access to differentiated technologies, thought leadership, and the ability to connect with customers globally.

AWS invests in partner success for both business and technical transformation through programs like AWS SaaS Factory, AWS Marketplace, AWS ISV Accelerate, among others.

A new independent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, titled The Partner Opportunity for Building SaaS on Amazon Web Services, shows how SaaS companies have realized a 70 percent ROI within 18 months, while allowing their teams to focus on customer experience and how to differentiate their offerings.

Forrester also found that SaaS providers benefit in the following areas:

  • Customers realize an estimated 30-50 percent reduced time to development.
  • Reduce risk of failed launches and reduce time to launch by 69-77 percent.
  • Help SaaS providers reduce time to value by 95 percent for their customers.

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Top Benefits for SaaS Providers

Achieve High Agility

Successful partners launching or scaling SaaS on AWS are thinking about how they would differentiate themselves by focusing on solving problems and investing to delivering the customers experience.

With AWS, SaaS providers can launch services globally faster than ever before while leveraging services like Amazon SageMaker for machine learning, AWS Lambda for serverless computing, and others to differentiate their services.

“Five years ago, it would have taken us 5 to 6 hours to complete our global deployment. Now that we’ve switched over to containers and bundled our entire infrastructure, we were able to cut this time down to about an hour.” ~ CTO, NA and EMEA Partner

Expand Reach and Improve Go-to-Market

AWS Marketplace offers the ability for SaaS providers to reach thousands of customers globally. The flexibility of launching a trial to buy, private pricing, and other packaging offers helps SaaS providers to reach customers together with AWS.

“Beyond just being the right technology platform on which to build our SaaS solution, AWS go-to-market support such as co-selling and new routes to market like Marketplace have fueled success for our company.” ~ CTO, NA and EMEA Partner

Access Best Practices, Prescriptive Guidance, and Expert Support

New founders launching startups or leaders in industries transforming their business to SaaS find programs like AWS SaaS Factory and Digital Innovation help with thought leadership and guidance on best practices to succeed with launching on AWS.

“I don’t think we would have had the guts to start this business without AWS. Me and my cofounder are really just a couple of developers. What AWS did was turn a data center into an API, which allowed us to completely jump start the process of building SaaS.” ~ Cofounder, Global Partner

Webinar: Dive Deeper into SaaS on AWS

Join AWS SaaS experts and Forrester as we breakdown the key learnings from the Total Economic Impact for the Opportunity for Building SaaS on AWS study and share insights on:

  • How organizations have found success by building SaaS on AWS.
  • Increasing application performance.
  • Improving efficiency and performance of IT staff.

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