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Continuous Compliance at Scale in AWS CI/CD Pipelines Using Pulumi CrossGuard

To ensure cloud infrastructure is compliant with organizational policies and regulatory requirements, many platform engineering teams are embedding the policy-as-code practice into their DevSecOps toolchain. Learn how to use Pulumi and its CrossGuard policy-as-code feature to ensure your infrastructure is compliant before it’s ever provisioned in AWS. We’ll also demonstrate how to define custom policies in Python, and how to create a reusable package of policies by storing them in AWS CodeArtifact.


Integrating Amazon Connect Natively into Salesforce Using Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice (SCV) natively integrates the Amazon Connect contact center platform into Salesforce’s CRM software. This delivers a new contact center solution that brings together voice conversations, digital channels, and CRM data. Learn about the pre-built integrations, deployment options, and architectural mapping patterns pertaining to SCV, and see an example of inbound customer journey with data flow and API calling sequence.

Streamline Your End-to-End Cloud Operations with AWS Cloud Operations Competency Partners

Today’s rapidly changing market conditions require organizations to scale IT operations swiftly and securely, while keeping costs under control. But setting up, running, and optimizing cloud infrastructure can be time-consuming and challenging. We’re excited to announce the AWS Cloud Operations Competency, to help customers adopt an integrated approach for cloud operations on AWS and beyond.

Modernize and Migrate 4GL Applications to AWS Faster with HCLTech ATMA

Many organizations are migrating applications to the cloud to overcome technology obsolescence, vendor lock-in, expensive or limited licensing policies, and skill shortages, among other challenges. Learn how HCLTech’s Automated Technology Modernization Accelerator (ATMA) and ADvantage Cloud can help modernize 4GL-based applications to cloud-native architecture, enabling deployment on AWS environments and significantly reducing costs of modernization and time to market.

How ASCENDING Uses Data Schema Unification for Multi-Data Source Ingestion

Data ingestion and unification play a key role in ensuring consistency, reliability, and performance of data utilized across any organization. One of the challenge for data solution teams is to design and implement a unified ingestion process so that downstream analytics workloads can easily consume the data. Learn how ASCENDING set up a unified data ingestion system on AWS based on a client’s use case and requirements, and how ASCENDING overcame the technical challenge.

How Apexon’s Patient 360 and HDAP Platform Transforms Healthcare

Healthcare data is complex and full of sensitive information, which makes it challenging to share or utilize for a unified patient view. Solutions like the Patient 360 healthcare framework powered by Apexon Healthcare Data Analytics Platform (HDAP) consolidates patient and member data across the care delivery system to provide a unified view of the patient, facilitating better outreach and improved health outcomes.


Trek10 Delivers Value Through Managed Services Offerings with Support from the AWS MSP Program

By working with a next-generation managed service provider (MSP), customers can leverage the cloud as a strategic business advantage that goes beyond technical benefits and generates positive business outcomes. The AWS MSP program team spoke with Andy Warzon, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Trek10, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, to learn about their cloud managed services practice and the value they are creating jointly with AWS for the customers they support.


InterSystems and the AWS Workload Migration Program: Helping Healthcare Customers Move to the Cloud

The integration of healthcare transactions and processes and the monitoring of applications has become increasingly vital for healthcare organizations. InterSystems provides solutions that range from small clinics to some of the largest healthcare delivery systems in the world. Take a dive deep into InterSystems’ enrollment in the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP), as well as the architecture of their Health Connect Cloud offering to explore the benefits of migrating healthcare applications to the cloud.

Leveraging BMC AMI Cloud Vault and AWS to Protect Mainframes from Cyber Threats

AWS and BMC Software present a best practice-based approach to secure mainframe data from ransomware attacks or any other source of logical data corruption. Leveraging the scale, performance, and innovation of AWS allows mainframe customers to achieve cyber resiliency faster and more efficiently than with an on-premises solution. Learn how BMC AMI Cloud Vault takes advantage of Amazon S3 to create multiple copies of mainframe data and inherently ensure all copies are protected.


Unlock the Power of Your Business Data with AWS Partners

A recent Accenture study suggests that only 32% of businesses are able to realize the value of their business data. Working together with thousands of partners worldwide, AWS is able to help customers solve complex problems with modern cloud data strategies. Learn how consulting services and cloud software from AWS Partners enable customers to tap into the power of data to support decision making, visibility, application innovation, supply chain transformation, and risk mitigation.