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AWS Week in Review: New Service for Generative AI and Amazon EC2 Trn1n, Inf2, and CodeWhisperer now GA – April 17, 2023

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I could almost title this blog post the “AWS AI/ML Week in Review.” This past week, we announced several new innovations and tools for building with generative AI on AWS. Let’s dive right into it.

Last Week’s Launches
Here are some launches that got my attention during the previous week:

Announcing Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan models Amazon Bedrock is a new service to accelerate your development of generative AI applications using foundation models through an API without managing infrastructure. You can choose from a wide range of foundation models built by leading AI startups and Amazon. The new Amazon Titan foundation models are pre-trained on large datasets, making them powerful, general-purpose models. You can use them as-is or privately to customize them with your own data for a particular task without annotating large volumes of data. Amazon Bedrock is currently in limited preview. Sign up here to learn more.

Building with Generative AI on AWS

Amazon EC2 Trn1n and Inf2 instances are now generally availableTrn1n instances, powered by AWS Trainium accelerators, double the network bandwidth (compared to Trn1 instances) to 1,600 Gbps of Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFAv2). The increased bandwidth delivers even higher performance for training network-intensive generative AI models such as large language models (LLMs) and mixture of experts (MoE). Inf2 instances, powered by AWS Inferentia2 accelerators, deliver high performance at the lowest cost in Amazon EC2 for generative AI models, including LLMs and vision transformers. They are the first inference-optimized instances in Amazon EC2 to support scale-out distributed inference with ultra-high-speed connectivity between accelerators. Compared to Inf1 instances, Inf2 instances deliver up to 4x higher throughput and up to 10x lower latency. Check out my blog posts on Trn1 instances and Inf2 instances for more details.

Amazon CodeWhisperer, free for individual use, is now generally availableAmazon CodeWhisperer is an AI coding companion that generates real-time single-line or full-function code suggestions in your IDE to help you build applications faster. With GA, we introduce two tiers: CodeWhisperer Individual and CodeWhisperer Professional. CodeWhisperer Individual is free to use for generating code. You can sign up with an AWS Builder ID based on your email address. The Individual Tier provides code recommendations, reference tracking, and security scans. CodeWhisperer Professional—priced at $19 per user, per month—offers additional enterprise administration capabilities. Steve’s blog post has all the details.

Amazon GameLift adds support for Unreal Engine 5Amazon GameLift is a fully managed solution that allows you to manage and scale dedicated game servers for session-based multiplayer games. The latest version of the Amazon GameLift Server SDK 5.0 lets you integrate your Unreal 5-based game servers with the Amazon GameLift service. In addition, the latest Amazon GameLift Server SDK with Unreal 5 plugin is built to work with Amazon GameLift Anywhere so that you can test and iterate Unreal game builds faster and manage game sessions across any server hosting infrastructure. Check out the release notes to learn more.

Amazon Rekognition launches Face Liveness to deter fraud in facial verification – Face Liveness verifies that only real users, not bad actors using spoofs, can access your services. Amazon Rekognition Face Liveness analyzes a short selfie video to detect spoofs presented to the camera, such as printed photos, digital photos, digital videos, or 3D masks, as well as spoofs that bypass the camera, such as pre-recorded or deepfake videos. This AWS Machine Learning Blog post walks you through the details and shows how you can add Face Liveness to your web and mobile applications.

For a full list of AWS announcements, be sure to keep an eye on the What's New at AWS page.

Other AWS News
Here are some additional news items and blog posts that you may find interesting:

Updates to the AWS Well-Architected Framework – The most recent content updates and improvements focus on providing expanded guidance across the AWS service portfolio to help you make more informed decisions when developing implementation plans. Services that were added or expanded in coverage include AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Resilience Hub, AWS Config, AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Organizations, AWS Control Tower, AWS Compute Optimizer, AWS Budgets, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and Amazon CodeGuru. This AWS Architecture Blog post has all the details.

Amazon releases largest dataset for training “pick and place” robots – In an effort to improve the performance of robots that pick, sort, and pack products in warehouses, Amazon has publicly released the largest dataset of images captured in an industrial product-sorting setting. Where the largest previous dataset of industrial images featured on the order of 100 objects, the Amazon dataset, called ARMBench, features more than 190,000 objects. Check out this Amazon Science Blog post to learn more.

AWS open-source news and updates – My colleague Ricardo writes this weekly open-source newsletter in which he highlights new open-source projects, tools, and demos from the AWS Community. Read edition #153 here.

Upcoming AWS Events
Check your calendars and sign up for these AWS events:

Build On AWS - Generative AI#BuildOn Generative AI – Join our weekly live Build On Generative AI Twitch show. Every Monday morning, 9:00 US PT, my colleagues Emily and Darko take a look at aspects of generative AI. They host developers, scientists, startup founders, and AI leaders and discuss how to build generative AI applications on AWS.

In today’s episode, Emily walks us through the latest AWS generative AI announcements. You can watch the video here.

Dot Net Developer Day.NET Developer Day.NET Enterprise Developer Day EMEA 2023 (April 25) is a free, one-day virtual event providing enterprise developers with the most relevant information to swiftly and efficiently migrate and modernize their .NET applications and workloads on AWS.

AWS Developer Innovation DayAWS Developer Innovation DayAWS Developer Innovation Day (April 26) is a new, free, one-day virtual event designed to help developers and teams be productive and collaborate from discovery to delivery, to running software and building applications. Get a first look at exciting product updates, technical deep dives, and keynotes.

AWS Global Summits – Check your calendars and sign up for the AWS Summit close to where you live or work: Tokyo (April 20–21), Singapore (May 4), Stockholm (May 11), Hong Kong (May 23), Tel Aviv (May 31), Amsterdam (June 1), London (June 7), Washington, DC (June 7–8), Toronto (June 14), Madrid (June 15), and Milano (June 22).

You can browse all upcoming AWS-led in-person and virtual events and developer-focused events such as Community Days.

That’s all for this week. Check back next Monday for another Week in Review!

— Antje

This post is part of our Week in Review series. Check back each week for a quick roundup of interesting news and announcements from AWS!

Antje Barth

Antje Barth

Antje Barth is a Principal Developer Advocate for generative AI at AWS. She is co-author of the O’Reilly books Generative AI on AWS and Data Science on AWS. Antje frequently speaks at AI/ML conferences, events, and meetups around the world. She also co-founded the Düsseldorf chapter of Women in Big Data.