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AWS Week in Review – October 24, 2016

Another busy week in AWS-land! Today’s post included submissions from 21 internal and external contributors, along with material from my RSS feeds, my inbox, and other things that come my way. To join in the fun, create (or find) some awesome AWS-related content and submit a pull request!


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  • The A Cloud Guru blog wrote about Adopting Serverless — Architectures and Security.

New & Notable Open Source

  • aws-git-backed-static-website is a Git-backed static website generator powered entirely by AWS.
  • rds-pgbadger fetches log files from an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL instance and generates a beautiful pgBadger report.
  • aws-lambda-redshift-copy is an AWS Lambda function that automates the copy command in Redshift.
  • VarnishAutoScalingCluster contains code and instructions for setting up a shared, horizontally scalable Varnish cluster that scales up and down using Auto Scaling groups.
  • aws-base-setup contains starter templates for developing AWS CloudFormation-based AWS stacks.
  • terraform_f5 contains Terraform scripts to instantiate a Big IP in AWS.
  • claudia-bot-builder creates chat bots for Facebook, Slack, Skype, Telegram, GroupMe, Kik, and Twilio and deploys them to AWS Lambda in minutes.
  • aws-iam-ssh-auth is a set of scripts used to authenticate users connecting to EC2 via SSH with IAM.
  • go-serverless sets up a server for serverless application deployment in AWS.
  • awsq is a helper script to run batch jobs on AWS using SQS.
  • respawn generates CloudFormation templates from YAML specifications.

New SlideShare Presentations

New Customer Success Stories

  • AlbemaTV – AbemaTV is an Internet media-services company that operates one of Japan’s leading streaming platforms, FRESH! by AbemaTV. The company built its microservices platform on Amazon EC2 Container Service and uses an Amazon Aurora data store for its write-intensive microservices—such as timelines and chat—and a MySQL database on Amazon RDS for the remaining microservices APIs. By using AWS, AbemaTV has been able to quickly deploy its new platform at scale with minimal engineering effort.
  • Celgene – Celgene uses AWS to enable secure collaboration between internal and external researchers, allow individual scientists to launch hundreds of compute nodes, and reduce the time it takes to do computational jobs from weeks or months to less than a day. Celgene is a global biopharmaceutical company that creates drugs that fight cancer and other diseases and disorders. Celgene runs its high-performance computing research clusters, as well as its research collaboration environment, on AWS.
  • Under Armour – Under Armour can scale its Connected Fitness apps to meet the demands of more than 180 million global users, innovate and deliver new products and features more quickly, and expand internationally by taking advantage of the reliability and high availability of AWS. The company is a global leader in performance footwear, apparel, and equipment. Under Armour runs its growing Connected Fitness app platform on the AWS Cloud.

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