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Build a modern data architecture on AWS with Amazon AppFlow, AWS Lake Formation, and Amazon Redshift

This is a guest post written by Dr. Yannick Misteli, lead cloud platform and ML engineering in global product strategy (GPS) at Roche. Recently the Roche Data Insights (RDI) initiative was launched to achieve our vision using new ways of working and collaboration in order to build shared, interoperable data & insights with federated governance. […]

New features from Apache Hudi 0.7.0 and 0.8.0 available on Amazon EMR

Apache Hudi is an open-source transactional data lake framework that greatly simplifies incremental data processing and data pipeline development by providing record-level insert, update, and delete capabilities. This record-level capability is helpful if you’re building your data lakes on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) or Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). You can use it […]

Query cross-account AWS Glue Data Catalogs using Amazon Athena

Many AWS customers rely on a multi-account strategy to scale their organization and better manage their data lake across different projects or lines of business. The AWS Glue Data Catalog contains references to data used as sources and targets of your extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs in AWS Glue. Using a centralized Data Catalog […]

Ibotta builds a self-service data lake with AWS Glue

This is a guest post co-written by Erik Franco at Ibotta. Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payments app that gives consumers real cash for everyday purchases when they shop and pay through the app. Ibotta provides thousands of ways for consumers to earn cash on their purchases by partnering with more than […]

Introducing new features for Amazon Redshift COPY: Part 1

Amazon Redshift is a fast, scalable, secure, and fully managed cloud data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using standard SQL. Amazon Redshift offers up to three times better price performance than any other cloud data warehouse. Tens of thousands of customers use Amazon Redshift to process exabytes of […]

How Goldman Sachs built persona tagging using Apache Flink on Amazon EMR

The Global Investment Research (GIR) division at Goldman Sachs is responsible for providing research and insights to the firm’s clients in the equity, fixed income, currency, and commodities markets. One of the long-standing goals of the GIR team is to deliver a personalized experience and relevant research content to their research users. Previously, in order to customize […]

Stream Apache HBase edits for real-time analytics

Apache HBase is a non-relational database. To use the data, applications need to query the database to pull the data and changes from tables. In this post, we introduce a mechanism to stream Apache HBase edits into streaming services such as Apache Kafka or Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. In this approach, changes to data are […]

Unify log aggregation and analytics across compute platforms

Our customers want to make sure their users have the best experience running their application on AWS. To make this happen, you need to monitor and fix software problems as quickly as possible. Doing this gets challenging with the growing volume of data needing to be quickly detected, analyzed, and stored. In this post, we […]

Set advanced settings with the Amazon OpenSearch Service Dashboards API

Amazon OpenSearch Service is a fully managed service that you can use to deploy and operate OpenSearch clusters cost-effectively at scale in the AWS Cloud. The service makes it easy for you to perform interactive log analytics, real-time application monitoring, website search, and more by offering the latest versions of OpenSearch, support for 19 versions […]