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Deploying a Burstable and Event-driven HPC Cluster on AWS Using SLURM, Part 1

Contributed by Amr Ragab, HPC Application Consultant, AWS Professional Services When you execute high performance computing (HPC) workflows on AWS, you can take advantage of the elasticity and concomitant scale associated with recruiting resources for your computational workloads. AWS offers a variety of services, solutions, and open source tools to deploy, manage, and dynamically destroy compute […]

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Real World AWS Scalability

This is a guest post from Linda Hedges, Principal SA, High Performance Computing. —– One question we often hear is, “How well will my application scale on AWS?” For high performance computing (HPC) workloads that cross multiple nodes, the cluster network is at the heart of scalability concerns. AWS uses advanced Ethernet networking technology, which, […]

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