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Secure workloads with Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Since launching Amazon WorkSpaces Core, customers have asked us numerous questions related to maximizing workload security with this new service. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the 3 most frequently asked security-related questions. As a refresher, WorkSpaces Core provides cloud-based, fully managed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) designed to work with third-party VDI management solutions. […]

Streamline application onboarding with applications manager for Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon AppStream 2.0 applications manager is a feature that streamlines the process of creating an app block. With applications manager, you create and connect to an app block builder instance and utilize the new application builder assistant to monitor your application installation. This new feature expands application compatibility with elastic fleets as well as reduces […]

AWS End User Computing at CCW

AWS End User Computing (EUC) at Customer Contact Week 2023

Customer Contact Week (CCW) serves as a great platform for industry executives to connect, exchange ideas, and build invaluable relationships with customers. The event showcases innovative ideas, best practices, and the latest trends to shape the future of customer communication. CCW is taking place on June 19 – 22, in Las Vegas. AWS EUC is […]

AWS EUC at Gartner Digital Workplace Summit (North America)

Having just returned from the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit (EMEA) last month, we couldn’t be more excited to attend the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit (North America) on June 12-13 in San Diego. This event provides end-user computing leaders, practitioners, and service providers from around the world with the opportunity to engage in conversations and share […]

AWS Summit Washington, DC: What’s new with AWS and End User Computing (EUC) services

At the upcoming AWS Summit in Washington, DC, Tushar Dhanani and I are hosting a chalk talk (session EUC 201) focused on what’s new with AWS and End User Computing (EUC) services. In this chalk talk, we will provide a high-level overview of AWS EUC services and new features for Amazon WorkSpaces Family services and […]

How SoFi manages Amazon WorkSpaces at scale using AWS Systems Manager

This blog post walks through how SoFi, a financial technology company that provides a range of financial products and services, scale their growing business needs with AWS services. SoFi uses Amazon WorkSpaces to scale out their Desktop as a Service solution, and improve visibility and control of their environment with AWS Systems Manager. The SoFi […]


Getting the most out of AWS EUC services with free workshops

AWS End User Computing (EUC) services, including Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0, have been delivering value to organizations of all sizes for nearly a decade. Customers trust AWS to provide a secure, reliable, agile, and cost-optimized solution for use cases such as remote workers, contractors, contact center agents, VDI replacement, developers, and users running […]

Neo Financial achieves Zero Trust goals and meets compliance requirements with Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Organizations handling personal financial data are expected to maintain extremely high levels of security and adhere to strict compliance requirements. Many IT organizations find it challenging to keep costs low while enabling remote workers with the tools required to do their jobs and supporting Zero Trust initiatives. Neo Financial, a Canadian financial technology firm and […]

Use Veyon to remote control and monitor virtual labs on Amazon WorkSpaces

Virtual labs built with Amazon AppStream 2.0 or Amazon WorkSpaces provide students a flexible and accessible way to participate in lab exercises from anywhere, at any time. While students can connect to these labs remotely the primary challenge faced by the teachers is monitoring the activity of the students and gaining remote control of the […]

Leostream announces support for Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Today, the Leostream Platform announced support for Amazon WorkSpaces Core. You can now provision, deploy, and manage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) powered by WorkSpaces Core directly from the Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform. This new solution combines Leostream’s platform with the security, global reliability, and cost efficiency of the AWS infrastructure. No two organizations are […]