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Build a Production-Ready Game Backend on AWS

Your game has many different features—from leaderboards, authentication, and logic servers to matchmaking and more—and you need to choose the right technology for each one. The cloud enables you to create your own solution as you would with an on-premises solution. You can also use various management tools to migrate operational overhead to a cloud provider, thus freeing up engineering resources to focus on game development. Managed service offerings can also streamline workflows and reduce operational overhead.

To make building your game in the cloud a little easier, we created this technical guide on how to design highly scalable game backends on AWS. You can start with just a few key AWS services and add more as your game evolves.

The guide is divided into sections that cover different features of modern, connected games, including authentication, leaderboards, challenges, chat, user-generated content, analytics, and multiplayer capabilities.

The following reference architecture diagram shows a horizontally scalable game backend using a broad set of modern game features and depicts how they all fit together. Each component is covered in depth in our guide.

Game Tech Scalable Game Development Guide - Reference Diagram


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