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QXR Studios accelerates game testing and development with Amazon GameLift Anywhere

QXR Studios accelerates game testing and development with Amazon GameLift Anywhere

A mage, a hacker, and a barbarian walk into a bar…  What sounds like the start of a joke is the ultimate vision for cyberpunk, blockchain collectible card game “Metropolis Origins”, created by game industry veterans at QXR Studios. Players build decks with cards from Government, Corporate, or Underground factions, and go up against other […]

How indie studio, Blinkmoon, builds games entirely in the cloud

How indie studio, Blinkmoon, builds games entirely in the cloud

When Hugh Behroozy started building Blinkmoon Games, a new independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada, he wanted to bring together the best talent from across the visual effects (VFX) and games industry to create the next generation of interactive experiences. The only problem was, how do you attract talent to a Vancouver-based studio when some […]

Amazon GameLift launches support for customer managed infrastructure

Amazon GameLift now supports on-premises hardware with Amazon GameLift Anywhere launch

We are excited to announce the general availability of GameLift Anywhere, a new Amazon GameLift feature that decouples game session management from underlying compute resources. With this release, Amazon GameLift can now deploy and manage dedicated game servers hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or through hybrid configurations. The flexibility to deploy and manage game servers […]

Optimize game servers hosting with containers

Optimize game servers hosting with containers

Authored by: Serge Poueme, Senior Solutions Architect and Yahav Biran, Principal Solutions Architect Game developers look for ways to improve online multiplayer experience while balancing availability and cost effectiveness. Containers and Kubernetes help modernize game server hosting running on virtual or bare metal machines to improve compute allocation density, optimize data-transfer cost and maintain high performance. […]

Guest Post: How GameAnalytics reduce cost of HTTP(S) API’s on AWS

In this guest post, AWS customer GameAnalytics Senior Software Developer Magnus Henoch shares how GameAnalytics saves money on running its HTTP(S) API on AWS. At GameAnalytics we run all our systems on AWS, and have done so from the very beginning. This has allowed us to concentrate on building services and implementing features that our […]

Game Developers Guide to Getting Started with Amazon DynamoDB

  We all know that a database is an integral part of many games. But, as a game developer, you want to dedicate all your time and expertise to building great games, not engineering databases. I get it, I’d much rather worry about fixing collision volumes, getting my frame rate up or making the perfect […]

Managed Databases for Awesome Games

Games? Databases? How do they go together? Aren’t databases what insurance companies use to keep their actuarial tables? Are you asking me to become an enterprise developer? Honestly, many of you already have a general idea of what databases are, though you might be wondering where they fit in to your game or game development […]

Guest post: How Space Ape Games delivers secure WebApps using AWS

We invited Space Ape Games Lead DevOps Engineer Louis McCormack to write a guest blog. Learn how Space Ape Games secure the front and backend of a private React application using Amazon CloudFront, AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda@Edge, and Amazon API Gateway. The frontend part is heavily inspired by this post. About the author Louis McCormack is […]

How to defend games against DDoS attacks

When launching a new game, it’s critical to ensure your players can access and enjoy it without interruption. That’s why you need to protect your game against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Fortunately, if you’re building your game on AWS, you’re already protected against many common DDoS attacks. This post explores the architecture decisions […]