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Conducting real-time utility equipment thermal monitoring using AWS IoT services

Delta Thermal is an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company focused on one thing: We keep stuff from blowing up. We do this by finding hotspots in equipment before it’s too late to fix them. The hotspots we are focused on today are found in electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment. In the electrical grid […]

How Adani Renewables adopted an AWS microservices architecture for transformer health analytics

Adani Group is a diversified organization in India with combined revenue of $15 Bn comprising 6 publicly traded companies with a transport logistics, energy utility and infrastructure portfolio that has a pan-India presence. Adani owes its success and leadership position to its core philosophy of ‘Nation Building’ driven by ‘Growth with Goodness,” a guiding principle […]

AWS Retail Series: Advice from our APN Partners on navigating the pandemic

COVID-19 has turned consumer behavior on its head, forcing retailers to reimagine the customer journey, rethink business operations, and double down on innovation. To help guide retailers as they navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with COVID-19, we reached out to our Retail Competency Partners to get an understanding of what they’ve learned during the […]

Conducting end-to-end pharmacovigilance workflows using AWS technologies

Introduction Bio-pharmaceutical companies have always had a responsibility to report adverse events (AE), whether in clinical development or post market-approval scenarios, to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The COVID-19 pandemic and the race to find effective treatments for this disease has caused both the FDA and bio-pharmaceutical organizations around the world to re-imagine the […]

Supporting digital signature and secure message transmission with AWS KMS and AWS Secrets Manager for Brazilian Instant Payment System

As discussed in the previous blog, the new Brazilian Instant Payment System (PIX) aims to speed up payments messaging and the availability of final funds to the beneficiary. The PIX results in reduction of costs, increasing security and improving the customer experience. AWS provides the necessary certifications and compliance standards for financial institutions to comply […]

How utilities confront disruption with focus on customers and digital transformation

For a while now, we in the utilities industry have been replacing the traditional, static, one-way relationship between energy provider and consumer with one that is dynamic, situational, and interactive. Known as “Utilities 2.0,” which our colleagues at Deloitte explained a few years ago, it puts the customer at the center of regulated utility service. […]

Simplify Prior Authorization in Healthcare with AWS and HL7 FHIR

Prior authorization is a process to obtain approval from a health insurer or plan that may be required before you get a health care service, treatment plan, prescription drug, or durable medical equipment in order for the service or prescription to be covered by your plan. Your health insurance company uses a prior authorization requirement […]

Approving AWS services for GxP workloads

In this blog post, we describe the first step of a process for qualifying AWS services for use as part of GxP workloads, sometimes referred to in the industry as “whitelisting” services. AWS customers with GxP compliance requirements might want to control access to the AWS services their developers use. During the supplier assessment of […]

How payments companies can use transaction data to support small merchants

What if? I used to get lunch from a small café near my old office, and I would get the same sandwich every time I was there. Eventually, the staff behind the counter would recognize me when I got in line. With a subtle nod of confirmation, they’d start making and toasting my sandwich so […]

Savari leverages AWS Wavelength to make roads safer and more predictable

For the past decade, Savari has built in-vehicle, roadside, and cloud-based solutions for V2X (vehicle-to-everything) to help make the world’s roadways safer, smarter, and efficient. Increasingly, automotive leaders such as Ford and General Motors are announcing their support for V2X. Savari plays an important role in the V2X supply chain, providing the applications and underlying […]