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An example screenshot from Amazon Ads generator where a product with various background.

Learn how Amazon Ads created a generative AI-powered image generation capability using Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Ads helps advertisers and brands achieve their business goals by developing innovative solutions that reach millions of Amazon customers at every stage of their journey. At Amazon Ads, we believe that what makes advertising effective is delivering relevant ads in the right context and at the right moment within the consumer buying journey. With that […]

RAG architecture with Voyage AI embedding models on Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and Anthropic Claude 3 models

In this post, we provide an overview of the state-of-the-art embedding models by Voyage AI and show a RAG implementation with Voyage AI’s text embedding model on Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart, Anthropic’s Claude 3 model on Amazon Bedrock, and Amazon OpenSearch Service. Voyage AI’s embedding models are the preferred embedding models for Anthropic. In addition to general-purpose embedding models, Voyage AI offers domain-specific embedding models that are tuned to a particular domain.

Incorporate offline and online human – machine workflows into your generative AI applications on AWS

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have led to the emergence of generative AI that can produce human-like novel content such as images, text, and audio. These models are pre-trained on massive datasets and, to sometimes fine-tuned with smaller sets of more task specific data. An important aspect of developing effective generative AI application is Reinforcement […]

Build generative AI applications with Amazon Titan Text Premier, Amazon Bedrock, and AWS CDK

Amazon Titan Text Premier, the latest addition to the Amazon Titan family of large language models (LLMs), is now generally available in Amazon Bedrock. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models (FMs) from leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Stability AI, and […]

Evaluation of generative AI techniques for clinical report summarization

In this post, we provide a comparison of results obtained by two such techniques: zero-shot and few-shot prompting. We also explore the utility of the RAG prompt engineering technique as it applies to the task of summarization.
Evaluating LLMs is an undervalued part of the machine learning (ML) pipeline.

AWS DeepRacer enables builders of all skill levels to upskill and get started with machine learning

In today’s technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming increasingly accessible, enabling builders of all skill levels to harness their power. As more companies adopt AI solutions, there’s a growing need to upskill both technical and non-technical teams in responsibly expanding AI usage. Getting hands-on experience is crucial for understanding and […]

Transform customer engagement with no-code LLM fine-tuning using Amazon SageMaker Canvas and SageMaker JumpStart

Fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) creates tailored customer experiences that align with a brand’s unique voice. Amazon SageMaker Canvas and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart democratize this process, offering no-code solutions and pre-trained models that enable businesses to fine-tune LLMs without deep technical expertise, helping organizations move faster with fewer technical resources. SageMaker Canvas provides an intuitive […]

How LotteON built dynamic A/B testing for their personalized recommendation system

This post is co-written with HyeKyung Yang, Jieun Lim, and SeungBum Shim from LotteON. LotteON is transforming itself into an online shopping platform that provides customers with an unprecedented shopping experience based on its in-store and online shopping expertise. Rather than simply selling the product, they create and let customers experience the product through their […]

Unleashing the power of generative AI: Verisk’s journey to an Instant Insight Engine for enhanced customer support

This post is co-written with Tom Famularo, Abhay Shah and Nicolette Kontor from Verisk. Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK) is a leading data analytics and technology partner for the global insurance industry. Through advanced analytics, software, research, and industry expertise across over 20 countries, Verisk helps build resilience for individuals, communities, and businesses. The company is committed […]

AIML CoE Framework

Establishing an AI/ML center of excellence

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) have made these technologies a transformative force across industries. According to a McKinsey study, across the financial services industry (FSI), generative AI is projected to deliver over $400 billion (5%) of industry revenue in productivity benefits. As maintained by Gartner, more than 80% of enterprises […]