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Hugging Face on Amazon SageMaker: Bring your own scripts and data

There have been many recent advancements in the NLP domain. Pre-trained models and fully managed NLP services have democratised access and adoption of NLP. Amazon Comprehend is a fully managed service that can perform NLP tasks like custom entity recognition, topic modelling, sentiment analysis and more to extract insights from data without the need of any prior […]

Team and user management with Amazon SageMaker and AWS SSO

Amazon SageMaker Studio is a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning (ML) that lets you build, train, debug, deploy, and monitor your ML models. Each onboarded user in Studio has their own dedicated set of resources, such as compute instances, a home directory on an Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) volume, and […]

Build and train ML models using a data mesh architecture on AWS: Part 2

This is the second part of a series that showcases the machine learning (ML) lifecycle with a data mesh design pattern for a large enterprise with multiple lines of business (LOBs) and a Center of Excellence (CoE) for analytics and ML. In part 1, we addressed the data steward persona and showcased a data mesh […]

Build and train ML models using a data mesh architecture on AWS: Part 1

Organizations across various industries are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve business challenges specific to their industry. For example, in the financial services industry, you can use AI and ML to solve challenges around fraud detection, credit risk prediction, direct marketing, and many others. Large enterprises sometimes set up a center […]

Integrate Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler with MLOps workflows

As enterprises move from running ad hoc machine learning (ML) models to using AI/ML to transform their business at scale, the adoption of ML Operations (MLOps) becomes inevitable. As shown in the following figure, the ML lifecycle begins with framing a business problem as an ML use case followed by a series of phases, including […]

Predict shipment ETA with no-code machine learning using Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Logistics and transportation companies track ETA (estimated time of arrival), which is a key metric for their business. Their downstream supply chain activities are planned based on this metric. However, delays often occur, and the ETA might differ from the product’s or shipment’s actual time of arrival (ATA), for instance due to shipping distance or […]

Developing advanced machine learning systems at Trumid with the Deep Graph Library for Knowledge Embedding

This is a guest post co-written with Mutisya Ndunda from Trumid. Like many industries, the corporate bond market doesn’t lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s vast, liquidity is fragmented, and institutional clients demand solutions tailored to their specific needs. Advances in AI and machine learning (ML) can be employed to improve the customer experience, […]

Organize your machine learning journey with Amazon SageMaker Experiments and Amazon SageMaker Pipelines

The process of building a machine learning (ML) model is iterative until you find the candidate model that is performing well and is ready to be deployed. As data scientists iterate through that process, they need a reliable method to easily track experiments to understand how each model version was built and how it performed. […]

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Build taxonomy-based contextual targeting using AWS Media Intelligence and Hugging Face BERT

As new data privacy regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, 2017) have come into effect, customers are under increased pressure to monetize media assets while abiding by the new rules. Monetizing media while respecting privacy regulations requires the ability to automatically extract granular metadata from assets like text, images, video, and audio files at […]