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Enhancements to the Amazon Lex Console Let You Test Your Bot for Better Troubleshooting

Building your chatbot in the Amazon Lex console takes just a few steps, and testing your bot is just as easy. We’ve made enhancements to the Test window of the Amazon Lex console which now provides you more details during testing and enables easier bot troubleshooting. Once you’ve built a bot to test, the Test window is enabled, located to the far right of the Amazon Lex console. As you chat with your bot from within the test window, the parsed service response is dynamically displayed on each turn of the conversation.

In the Summary view, you can review the slot values for the intent being fulfilled. This allows you to keep track of the conversation flow.

In the Detail view, you can review the parsed response from the chatbot. The detail gives you deeper visibility into the bot interaction and the current state of the dialog as you troubleshoot and debug your chatbot.

For more information on updates to the Test window, please refer to the Amazon Lex documentation.

Next Steps

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