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Learn about ASLens – A deep learning project that uses AWS DeepLens to translate the American Sign Language alphabet to speech

Chris Coombs travelled all the way from Melbourne, Australia to attend AWS re:Invent 2017. He was delighted to be one of the lucky few to get his hands on AWS DeepLens. He put it to good use by entering the AWS DeepLens Challenge Hackathon. A man of many talents, he is a husband and father […]

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Apache MXNet Model Server adds optimized container images for Model Serving at scale

Today AWS released Apache MXNet Model Server (MMS) v0.3, which streamlines the deployment of model serving for production use cases. The release includes pre-built container images that are optimized for deep learning workloads on GPU and CPU. This enables engineers to set up a scalable serving infrastructure. To learn more about Apache MXNet Model Server […]

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Translate a chat channel using Amazon Translate

Every day millions of users around the world communicate with each other through email, social networks, and other online communities including chat platforms and message boards. Many times, users find a community interesting and want to participate in the chat conversation, but the primary language of the online community might be different than the language […]

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Build smart chat apps with Amazon machine learning APIs and the PubNub ChatEngine

The demand for chat apps is growing wildly. From social apps to business collaboration, in-game chat to customer support, every app needs chat. Chat apps like Telegram are making mainstream news and generating widespread interest.

Historically, building a scalable, feature-rich chat app was surprisingly difficult. Not anymore. PubNub ChatEngine has integrated Amazon machine learning APIs, which makes building intelligent, scalable chat apps super easy for mobile and web.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to spin up the PubNub ChatEngine and add Amazon Translate and Amazon Polly for cross-lingual, speech-enabled chat apps that you can embed anywhere.

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Create accessible training with Initiafy and Amazon Polly

We’ve become so accustomed to the existence of skyscrapers, road networks, oil rigs, hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants, wind turbines, suspension bridges, and all the other incredible feats of human engineering populating our world, that some might overlook the remarkable effort that goes into their construction. These projects are not built by robots. A huge amount of human effort is required to bring them into existence, in addition to the technology used to design, streamline, and improve processes.

Initiafy makes the workforce element of projects more productive and efficient. Heavy industry projects rely on contractors, with related management challenges of handling documents, health and safety, and quality control. Initiafy provides contractor management on an online platform, giving workers training in a flexible way and ensuring standards are high across a contingent workforce. Initiafy operates in a number of countries, with workers coming from a number of nationalities so it is vital that training is accessible for all workers.

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Learn about SafeHaven: The third place winner of the AWS DeepLens Challenge Hackathon

Nathan Stone (NS) and Peter McLean (PM) are a team both professionally at Haven Power, a business energy supplier in Ipswich, UK, and also off the clock when they recently collaborated to create SafeHaven, the third place winner in the AWS DeepLens Challenge. SafeHaven was designed to protect vulnerable people, by enabling them to identify […]

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Text Classification with Gluon on Amazon SageMaker and AWS Batch

Our customer had a problem: The manual classification of warranty claims was causing a bottleneck. These claims were based on a text field that explained the event in short detail. An example of that text looked something like this: “The plutonium-fueled nuclear reactor overheated on a hot day in Arizona’s recent inclement weather. Burn damage […]

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Train faster, more flexible models with Amazon SageMaker Linear Learner

Today Amazon SageMaker is launching several additional features to the built-in linear learner algorithm. Amazon SageMaker algorithms are designed to scale effortlessly to massive datasets and take advantage of the latest hardware optimizations for unparalleled speed. The Amazon SageMaker linear learner algorithm encompasses both linear regression and binary classification algorithms. These algorithms are used extensively in […]

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Faster training with optimized TensorFlow 1.6 on Amazon EC2 C5 and P3 instances

The AWS Deep Learning AMIs come with latest pip packages of popular deep learning frameworks pre-installed in separate virtual environments so that developers can quickly get started with training deep learning models. The new version of the Deep Learning AMIs for Ubuntu and Amazon Linux now come with TensorFlow 1.6, built with advanced optimizations for […]

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