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Estimating the Location of Images Using Apache MXNet and Multimedia Commons Dataset on AWS EC2

by Jaeyoung Choi and Kevin Li | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

This is a guest post by Jaeyoung Choi of the International Computer Science Institute and Kevin Li of the University of California, Berkeley. This project demonstrates how academic researchers can leverage our AWS Cloud Credits for Research Program to support their scientific breakthroughs. Modern mobile devices can automatically assign geo-coordinates to images when you take pictures of […]

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The AWS Deep Learning AMI for Ubuntu is Now Available with CUDA 8, Ubuntu 16, and the Latest Versions of Deep Learning Frameworks

by Cynthya Peranandam | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

The AWS Deep Learning AMI lets you build and scale deep learning applications in the cloud, at any scale. The AMI comes pre-installed with popular deep learning frameworks, to let you to train sophisticated, custom AI models, experiment with new algorithms, or to learn new skills and techniques. The latest release of the AWS Deep […]

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Train Neural Machine Translation Models with Sockeye

by Felix Hieber and Tobias Domhan | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Have you ever wondered how you can use machine learning (ML) for translation? With our new framework, Sockeye, you can model machine translation (MT) and other sequence-to-sequence tasks. Sockeye, which is built on Apache MXNet, does most of the heavy lifting for building, training, and running state-of-the-art sequence-to-sequence models. In natural language processing (NLP), many […]

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Build a Real-time Object Classification System with Apache MXNet on Raspberry Pi

by Aran Khanna | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

In the past five years, deep neural networks have solved many computationally difficult problems, particularly in the field of computer vision. Because deep networks require a lot of computational power to train, often using tens of GPUs, many people assume that you can run them only on powerful cloud servers. In fact, after a deep […]

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Updated AWS Deep Learning AMIs with Apache MXNet 0.10 and TensorFlow 1.1 Now Available

by Victoria Kouyoumjian | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

You can now use Apache MXNet v0.10 and TensorFlow v1.1 with the AWS Deep Learning AMIs for Amazon Linux and Ubuntu. Apache MXNet announced version 0.10, available at, with significant improvements to documentation and tutorials including updated installation guides for running MXNet on various operating systems and environments, such as NVIDIA’s Jetson TX2. In […]

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AWS and NVIDIA Expand Deep Learning Partnership at GTC 2017

by Joseph Spisak | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

This year at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, AWS and NVIDIA partnered on multiple initiatives. The first is an exciting new Volta-based GPU instance that we think will completely change the face of the AI developer world through a 3x speedup on LSTM training. Second, we are announcing plans to train 100,000+ developers through the Deep […]

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Join AWS User Group Dublin for an Evening of AI & Deep Learning

  Join Julien Simon, Principal Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, on May 9 for an evening of AI and Deep Learning hosted by the AWS User Group Dublin. The event will feature Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Rekognition. Julien will take participants on a journey through Deep Learning with AWS covering AI theory to […]

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Deep Learning on AWS at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, GTC 2017

by Joseph Spisak | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

This year at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, AWS is hosting several tech sessions ranging from how to get started with Apache MXNet to running deep learning on IoT devices on the edge. If you’re in Silicon Valley the week of May 8, we hope that you’ll join us for the following sessions. An Introduction to […]

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Updated AWS CloudFormation Deep Learning Template Adds New Features and Capabilities

by Naveen Swamy | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Listen to this post Voiced by Amazon Polly AWS CloudFormation, which creates and configures Amazon Web Services resources with a template, simplifies the process of setting up a distributed deep learning cluster. The AWS CloudFormation Deep Learning template uses the latest updated Amazon Deep Learning AMI (which provides Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, Torch, and CNTK […]

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AWS Podcast #175: Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Matt Wood

Dr. Matt Wood is the GM of Artificial Intelligence at AWS I sat down with Simon Elisha from the AWS Podcast to talk about the emerging world of artificial intelligence. In addition to speaking about Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon Rekognition, and Apache MXNet, we also do a little reminiscing about days gone by. Listen now on SoundCloud Like the […]

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