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Ravensbourne: Live streaming shakespeare

This article originally appeared in FEED Magazine, Issue 08. An industry-focused university dedicated to preparing its students for careers in digital media and design, London’s Ravensbourne University offers courses that provide experience in using modern broadcast technology in real-world video production scenarios. “Ravensbourne University’s broadcast students have worked alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) education […]

AWS Elemental MediaConvert Reserved Pricing Part 1

Save money on VOD transcoding with reserved pricing in AWS Elemental MediaConvert: Part 1, introduction and how to use it

Introduction When the file-based video transcoding service AWS Elemental MediaConvert launched, only a single pricing model was available: on-demand. On-demand pricing is simple and pay-as-you-go, with no long term commitment. It’s based on the number of minutes of video generated and the features used. This pricing is attractive for transcoding applications with short-term, spiky, or […]

Advancing live sports coverage with AWS Media Services

Across the world, live sports events consistently rank among the most-watched content on broadcast and online platforms. Over-the-top (OTT) video gives broadcasters a powerful tool to capitalize on audience excitement for these can’t-miss events. Through OTT offerings, broadcasters can deliver unique experiences to viewers’ preferred devices and enrich the fan experience with advanced statistics and […]

How to set up a resilient end-to-end live workflow using AWS Elemental products and services: Part 2

Part 1: Single-region reference architecture deployment walkthrough: The Fundamentals Part 2: Single-region reference architecture deployment walkthrough: Advanced Workflows (This Post) Part 3: Multi-regions reference architecture deployment walkthrough: Advanced Workflows Part 4: High-Availability Advanced Workflows with Automatic Failover Single-region reference architecture deployment walkthrough: Advanced Workflows In the first part of this blog series, we covered the […]

Media services compatibility program opens pathways to the cloud

Customers frequently ask us ‘Which third-party video products are compatible with AWS Media Services?’ To help answer this, we’re launching the AWS Media Services Compatibility Program—a new program featuring technology partner products tested to be compatible with AWS Media Services. This program makes it easy to find solutions and configure with confidence. It is common […]

Amazon Web Services live streaming, real-time captions, augmented reality shine this oscars season

More than 29 million viewers tuned into the Academy Awards® telecast in February, and while the ceremony itself is a major draw, ancillary programming featuring live interviews and commentary throughout the event has become increasingly popular in recent years. Capitalizing on this trend, IMDb brought back its live Oscars®-themed viewing party this year, tapping Broadcast […]

On-Demand Webcast – Resilient Live Streaming Video: A Deep Dive in 3 Webcasts

Register now to watch this webcast on-demand Live video streaming is one of the most compelling parts of any OTT offering. It attracts large audiences, drives revenue, and plays an important part in customer growth and loyalty. But you must ensure your customers get the best experience no matter what. Designing and building resilient workflows for […]

How to filter live streaming renditions by device type at the Edge

Filtering Streaming Renditions by Device Type with AWS Elemental MediaPackage, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon Lambda@Edge Introduction When customers choose their bitrate ladder for adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming video, they often discover that there is not always a “one size fits all” set of renditions that will work for all of their client devices. For […]

Kayo Sports scales live sports service with AWS media solutions

It’s hard to overstate the global popularity of live sports programming, and the Australian market, with its thriving slate of homegrown and international leagues, is a shining example. With its recently launched multi-sport streaming service, Kayo Sports offers Australia’s sports fans a massive selection of more than 50 live sports powered by FOX SPORTS Australia, ESPN,and beIN […]

In the News: CBS Interactive and the Super Bowl

At AWS we talk about “when it matters most…” those events that are so large in scale, so high profile, so highly trafficked, that our customers are trusting us with the crown jewels of their business. In this interview from FierceVideo, Liz Carrasco, Chief Technology Officer at CBS Interactive, and Chris Xiques, VP of Video […]