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Explore remote production with AWS Partners at SIGGRAPH

In response to the exceptional demand for remote collaboration and virtual production, studios across the globe have shifted to cloud-based workflows for animation, visual effects (VFX), rendering, and editing. On-demand access to virtual workstations, elastic high-speed file storage, and scalable render farm capacity allow studios to scale up (and down) to meet project demand, onboard artistic talent anywhere in the world, and implement follow-the-sun production pipelines.

AWS Partners provide artists their favorite industry-leading software and automation tools in the cloud, which eliminates the time and overhead of installing and managing physical infrastructure. Now, creatives and studios can focus solely on what they do best – creating bingeable content and immersive viewing experiences.

Visit the AWS virtual SIGGRAPH booth to see brief demonstrations from seven AWS Partners. Learn how artists and studios can create content entirely in the cloud, anywhere, anytime.  


Arch Platform Technologies: Studio-in-the-cloud on AWS

With Arch, you can instantly spin up powerful cloud-based digital content creation facilities for visual effects, post-production, virtual production and other collaborative creative endeavors. Use the intuitive enterprise level SaaS dashboard to build workstations, render farms, storage and licensing servers, as well as create users and teams and manage facility and project permissions, with access to your favorite applications like AWS Thinkbox Deadline, Autodesk ShotGrid, and Moxion.



Autodesk and AWS: The Most Powerful Maya Yet

In the latest update to Maya, USD was seamlessly integrated, allowing you to load and edit large data sets at lightning speed and work directly with data using native tools. Maya’s animation, rigging, and rendering toolsets also saw big updates to help you work faster. In this demo, see how you can accelerate creative workflows and easily scale for your most complex projects with Maya on AWS.


SoKrispy recreates Chalk Warfare with DaVinci Resolve and AWS

Artists can use DaVinci Resolve and Fusion with Amazon Nimble Studio to collaborate with other artists using an entire remote post-production workflow on AWS. DaVinci Resolve combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post production all in one software tool. Fusion, built into DaVinci Resolve and featuring a node-based workflow with hundreds of 2D and 3D tools, allows artists to create cinematic visual effects and motion graphics.



Accelerate Your Workflow with Foundry & Amazon Nimble Studio

Film studios and post-production houses can use Foundry’s Nuke family of compositing, editorial, and review tools; Katana’s look development and lighting workflows; and Modo’s powerful and flexible 3D modeling, animation, texturing, and rendering toolset on AWS. Learn how customers can harness the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security of virtualized workstations, storage, and rendering capacity on AWS with services like Amazon FSx and AWS Thinkbox Deadline as part of their creative workflows.



Scalable VFX in the cloud with Qumulo and Amazon Nimble Studio

The Qumulo file data platform is high-performance, scalable, hybrid-cloud network-attached storage software trusted by VFX and animation studios worldwide. With the launch of Amazon Nimble Studio, creative professionals can now deploy visual effects workstations, render farms, and high-performance storage on AWS in minutes. Once up and running, Nimble Studio allows you to quickly onboard remote talent from anywhere in the world while keeping your content secure.


LoUPE on AWS: Bring efficiencies to Animation and VFX Production

Learn how LoUPE, the fully integrated animation and VFX pipeline platform, simplifies production and collaboration regardless of location. Leveraging the flexible, scalable pay-as-you-go infrastructure of AWS, LoUPE enables hyperscale in conjunction with existing on-premises resources. LoUPE combines Asset and Production Management, Review & Collaboration, real-time Reporting & Analytics, and seamless access to render on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) via AWS Thinkbox Deadline in a single tool with an interactive and simple-to-use interface.



Build a Modern Creative Studio in the Cloud with WekaFS and AWS

For a long time, legacy VFX systems constraints were par for the course. The next era of VFX infrastructure is here, making compromises a thing of the past. WekaFS with Amazon Nimble Studio shatters these legacy environments’ limitations. Now your team can harness the simplicity, speed, and scale of WekaFS and Amazon Nimble Studio to spend their time on what they do best: CREATING.


AWS helps customers reduce operational burdens so they can spend more time creating with the most comprehensive set of cloud capabilities for content production. Explore to learn more.